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Growing Ideas: A Reader for Writers, 1st Edition

  • Michelle Christopherson Modesto Junior College
  • ISBN-10: 061804809X  |  ISBN-13: 9780618048090
  • 432 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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This short-essay reader for upper-level developmental writing courses is designed to help students improve their ability to read, understand, and express ideas. Thematically organized, the text provides provocative readings that build on each other and prompt meaningful, ongoing discussion among students throughout the term. One important reading/writing strategy is featured in each thematic chapter, and extensive pre- and post-reading activities promote critical thinking, reading, and writing.

Table of Contents

I. Groundwork
Lesson: Marking the Text
"Could You Live with Less?" Stephanie Mills
Using Details
"Prologue: Epitaph for a Peach," David Mas Masumoto
"Eastward," William Least Heat Moon
"In Praise of Vanilla," Diane Ackerman
"On Smell," Lewis Thomas
"Preface to Under the Tuscan Sun," Frances Mayes
Telling Stories
"Why Write?" Paul Auster
"A Rice Sandwich," Sandra Cisneros
"The Concert," Gary Soto
"Slaughterhouse Live," Kimberly French
"Learning to See," Samuel H. Scudder
"Angels on a Pin," Alexander Calandra
"The Little Store," Eudora Welty
Essay Assignments: Groundwork
Using Details to Get Across an Idea
Telling a Story to Make a Point
II. Cultivating
Assignment Before Reading
Lesson: Finding the Thesis
"Frog Spit on Fennel," Jim Long
"Is College Still Worth the Expense?" Jerry Carroll
"How to Make People Smaller Than They Are," Norman Cousins
"Student Cheaters Plucking Their Papers Off the Net," Peter Applebome
"A Classroom in Which You Can Speak Your Mind," Laird Harrison
"In Vermont, a Celebration That Counts," Ellen Goodman
"Taking Aim at Violence," Michael Easterbrook
"Some Very Modest Proposals for the Improvement of American Education," Nathan Glazer
"Vouchers," Maxine Waters
"The Education Industry: The Corporate Takeover of Public Schools," Julie Light
Essay Assignment: Solving a Problem in Education
Assignment Before Reading
Lesson: Making an Outline
"Work Ethic Has Led to Overwork," Marie Cocco
"From Imagination to Reality," Elizabeth Ericson
"On the Electronic Plantation," Roger Swardson
"Home Sweet Sweatshop," Clive Thompson
"Teenagers and Work," Laurence Steinberg and Ellen Greenberger
"If You Let Me Play," Mary Brophy Marcus
"It''s Not in My Job Description," Vincent Barry
"When Less Is More," Amy Saltzman
"Under-Worked Employees Are Prone to ''Rustout,''" Sabra Chartrand
"Downsizing Humbles White-Collar Workers," Louis Uchitelle and N.R. Kleinfield
"The Future of Work" Robert B. Reich
Essay Assignment: Evaluating a Job
Assignment Before Reading
Lesson: Writing a Summary
"Thompson Street Pool," The New Yorker
"Fountains," J.B. Priestley
"Area of Neglect," Esteban Rodriguez
"Nine Letters in Response"
"Child''s Letter Spawns Life Lessons," Truong Phuoc Khanh
Assignment Before Reading
"Excerpt from It Takes a Village," Hillary Rodham Clinton
"The Web of Life," Scott Russell Saunders
"Battling Toxic Racism," Richard Steven Street
"Shared Destinies," Gary Gardner
"Creative Alternatives to Urban Sprawl: A Tale of Two Cities,"
Todd Oppenheimer
"The Public Realm and the Common Good," James Howard Kunstler
Essay Assignment: Solving a Community Problem
Assignment Before Reading
Lesson: Writing About a Reading
"Unfair Game," Susan Jacoby
"Boy No Do That," Laurie Wagner
"Sexual Harassment: Crying Wolf in Albany," Sheryl E. Reich
"Baby Dolls and Tea Sets," Jan Weiss
"Boy in Blue Tutu," Lisen Stromberg
"Boys'' Life," Theodore Roszak
"Want to Date Me? Court Me," Karen Lehrman
"Stiffed," Susan Faludi
"''Look at Me When I''m Talking to You'': Cross Talk Across the Ages," Deborah Tannen
"Mr. Fix-It and the Home-Improvement Committee," John Gray
"One Small Step for Genkind," Casey Miller and Kate Swift
"Real Men Don''t: Anti-Male Bias in English," Eugene R. August
Essay Assignments: Gender Issues
Giving Advice
Writing About a Reading
"Sorry, Superwoman Can''t Quit," Joan Beck
"Let ''Em Eat Leftovers," Mike McGrady
Assignment Before Reading
Lesson: Using Examples and Quotations From a Reading
"Waste," Wendell Berry
"Plain Adventures," John R. Stilgoe
"Honeybees," Sue Hubbell
"The Memory Place," Barbara Kingsolver
"Sparrow Hawks," Loren Eisley
"Every Breath She Takes," Terese Svoboda
Assignment Before Reading
"The Ethics of Eating," Alice Waters
"Poison Plants?" Scientific American
"Political Perspective on the Use of Pesticides," Marc Lappé
Essay Assignment: Solving an Environmental Problem
"More Than Just Saving What''s Left," Peter Berg
III. Upkeep
Lesson: Writing an In-Class Essay
"Time for a Twinkie Tax?" Shaheena Ahmad
"The Sins of the Parents," Ellen Goodman
"Smoking Ban Negates Our Rights," Scott Holleran
"Don''t Sweat the Small Stuff," Vincent Barry
"Bumper-Sticker Bravado," Michael Perry
"Now Hear This: Shhhhhhhhhh," Jeannette Batz
"Putting Fertility First," Mary Ann Glendon
"I Have Anguished," Ed Fallon
"Paté Poverty: Downwardly Mobile Baby Boomers Lust After Luxury," Katy Butler
"15 Ideas That Could Shake the World," Utne Reader

Meet the Author

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Michelle Christopherson

Michelle Christopherson has been an English instructor at Modesto Junior College for eighteen years.