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Handbook for Directors of Nursing in Long-Term Care, 1st Edition

  • Ethel L. Mitty New York University
  • ISBN-10: 0827367775  |  ISBN-13: 9780827367777
  • 367 Pages
  • © 1998 | Published
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This book provides the theory, principles, methods and tools for the nurse manager or leader of a long-term care facility. It is a complete source of information and instruction on every aspect of nursing administration. The book contains more than 150 guidelines, flow sheets, communication, assessment and feedback procedures that can be implemented with little or no modification by the novice or experienced directors in every kind of long-term care facility. Faculty and students of nursing management will rely on this book as a step-by-step "how to" on subjects ranging from development of a mission statement, selection of a nursing theory, construction of a policy and procedure manual, hiring, interviews, inservice education, selection of an information system, conflict resolution and decision-making to performance evaluation, continuing quality assurance, strategic planning and marketing, and analysis of effectiveness. The student will learn how a nursing director can analyze leadership style, select a nursing delivery system, prepare for survey, construct the departmental budget, compute infection rate, and prepare an annual report.

Features and Benefits

  • best source of guidelines and tools for nursing administration of a long-term care facility
  • presents state-of-the-art theory and principles
  • offers more than 150 flow sheets, communication, monitoring and feedback protocols
  • each topic is represented with "quick reference" sections
  • step-by-step procedures are reinforced with "tips" for understanding and implementation

Table of Contents

STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES OF NURSING ADMINISTRATION. FROM MISSION TO MANAGING: Mission and Vision Statements. From Vision to Nursing Philosophy, Purposes and Objectives. The Manual of Nursing Practice: Policies, Protocols, and Procedures. Table of Organization. By-Laws and Committees. Annual Report. The 24 Hour Nursing Report (24HNR). FROM THEORY TO STRUCTURE: Philosophic, Developmental, and Anthropologic Themes. Selecting a Theory or Model for Practice. Ethics and Practice. Nursing Delivery Systems. Staffing Models. Scheduling. ORGANIZATIONS AND LEADERSHIP: STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES: Leaders and Managers: Similarities and Differences. Organization Theory. Organizational Design. Organizational Culture and Climate. Leadership Role and Style. Leadership Models. Transformational Nursing Leadership. Time Management. LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS AND STAFF DEVELOPMENT. EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP: INTERPERSONAL STRATEGIES: The New Director of Nursing. Middle Managers and First-Line Managers. Power and Effectiveness. Group Dynamics. Change and Continuity. Conflict. Problem Identification and Decision Making. Assertiveness. STAFF DEVELOPMENT: Job Descriptions. Competencies. Recruitment and Retention. The Orientation Program. Staff Development: Motivation. Staff Development: Inservice Education. Performance Evaluation. Discipline. Job Satisfaction. INFORMATION, BUDGETING, AND CLINICAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Computer information Systems (CIS). Resident Assessment Systems. Patient Classification Systems. The Nursing Department Budget. Material Management. MANAGING THE CLINICAL CARE: Resident Rights. Documentation of Care: Policies and Protocols. Protocols for Clinical Management. Teaching Strategies and Resident Compliance. Special Care Units (SCU). QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEMS, RISK MANAGEMENT, INFECTION CONTROL: Assuring the Quality of Nursing Care. Regulations and Quality Assurance. Resident-Centered and Unit Management QA Protocols. Risk Management. Infection Control Quality Assurance. PROFESSIONALISM, PLANNING FOR EXCELLENCE. PROFESSIONAL ISSUES: STRATEGIC PLANNING AND MARKETING NURSING. Practice Acts and Professional Responsibility. Professional Certification and Standards. Advanced Practice. Law and Legal Issues. Labor Relations. Consultants. The Role of the Medical Director. DON Contract, Compensation and Bonuses. Strategic Planning. New Ventures. Marketing. Resident Satisfaction. REFLECTIONS ON SURVIVAL AND GROWTH: NURSING RESEARCH, MAGNET NURSING HOMES: The Nursing Home as Clinical Campus. Research in Long Term Care. A "Magnet" Nursing Home. Final Thoughts About Directing the Work of Nursing. Appendix A: ''Nursing Facility": Philosophy of the Department of Nursing. Appendix B: "Nursing Facility": Department of Nursing - Policies, Standards, Protocols and Procedures Manual Table of Contents. Appendix C: Minimum Data Set (MDS) 2.0. Appendix D: Information Resources. Government. Professional Organizations. Industry, Interest and Advocacy Groups. Research Dissemination. Nursing Books and Journals.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ethel L. Mitty

Ethel Mitty, EdD, RN, has held a wide range of positions in the long term care field including Assistant Administrator of Nursing Services at North Shore University Hospital Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation, Manhasset, NY and Director of Nursing at the Margaret Tietz Center for Nursing Care, Queens, NY. She has been a nurse, educator, and author for over 30 years.