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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 5th Edition

  • Robert M. Monczka Arizona State University
  • Robert B. Handfield North Carolina State University
  • Larry C. Giunipero Florida State University
  • James L. Patterson Western Illinois University
  • ISBN-10: 0538476427  |  ISBN-13: 9780538476423
  • 888 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2009, 2005, 2002
  • © 2012 | Published
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Introduce students to the critical role of purchasing in the supply chain with one of today's leading-edge strategy and purchasing books--Monczka/Handfield/Giunipero/Patterson's PURCHASING AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, 5E. This turnkey solution provides current and complete coverage that makes it not only a useful text, but also a valuable professional reference tool for students. This edition presents the most recent critical developments in the field, such as cases from emerging healthcare and the service industries as well as procure-to-pay redesign, supply risk, innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. Students examine the most important changes in supply management today and the impact of the recent recession and ongoing business uncertainty on continuous cost and value management across the supply chain. This leading author team draws from firsthand experience and their relationships with executives and practitioners worldwide to present unique, up-to-date insights that enable students to better understand today's purchasing process. This edition's numerous cases and memorable examples help students gain contextual insights and knowledge into the strategies, processes, and practices of purchasing. As future managers, students become better equipped with a thorough understanding of the impact that purchasing and supply chain management have on the competitive success and profitability of today's organizations.

Features and Benefits

  • TEXT COVERAGE REFLECTS AUTHORS' EXTENSIVE FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCES AND INSIGHTS FROM EXECUTIVES AND PRACTIONERS WORLDWIDE. The timely, comprehensive coverage throughout this leading-edge text is a culmination of the authors' ongoing discussions with purchasing and supply chain managers from various industries around the world.
  • STRONG MANAGERIAL PERSPECTIVE PREPARES STUDENTS TO MANAGE THE PURCHASING FUNCTION EFFECTIVELY. This revision maintains the text's hallmark solid managerial perspective throughout. Students examine the core tasks and challenges required to effectively manage purchasing in the context of today's integrated supply chain.
  • HANDS-ON, APPLIED APPROACH ENSURES LEARNING SUCCESS. This edition's engaging approach and integrated learning features, cases, and memorable examples have been thoroughly tested with student audiences to ensure that students remain interested and actively involved in the learning process.
  • THOROUGH COVERAGE ADDRESSES TODAY'S MOST IMPORTANT PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT TOPICS. The authors continue to focus on the topics most important for future managers' success. The book addresses key concepts such as cross-functional teaming, purchasing and supply performance measurement, supplier integration into new product development, automated purchasing B2B e-commerce, contracting and Internet law, enterprise resource planning (ERP), as well as other innovations and future developments in purchasing.
  • THE CONCEPT OF TEAMING IS EMPHASIZED THROUGHOUT THIS BOOK. Because cross-functional teaming and collaboration are so critical in business today, many of this edition's case exercises require team effort. Today's students entering the workforce better understand the impact of purchasing on business' major functional activities.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.
2. The Purchasing Process.
3. Purchasing Policy and Procedures.
4. Supply Management Integration for Competitive Advantage.
5. Purchasing and Supply Chain Organization.
6. Supply Management and Commodity Strategy Development.
7. Supplier Evaluation and Selection.
8. Supplier Quality Management.
9. Supplier Management and Development: Creating a World-Class Supply Base.
10. Worldwide Sourcing.
11. Strategic Cost Management.
12. Purchasing and Supply Chain Analysis: Tools and Techniques.
13. Negotiation and Conflict Management.
14. Contract Management.
15. Purchasing Law and Ethics.
16. Lean Supply Chain Management.
17. Purchasing Services.
18. Supply Chain Information Systems and Electronic Sourcing.
19. Performance Measurement and Evaluation.
20. Purchasing and Supply Strategy Trends.

What's New

  • NEW AND UPDATED VIGNETTES AND EXAMPLES REFLECT THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS FROM TOP PURCHASING EXECUTIVES WORLDWIDE. The authors have tapped into their industry connections worldwide to present insights and memorable examples from leading purchasing executives and the latest research initiatives. Students gain a better understanding of the most recent critical developments in the field as well as the impact of the recent recession and ongoing business uncertainty on today's supply chain.
  • NUMEROUS NEW "GOOD PRACTICE" EXAMPLES ILLUSTRATE STELLAR CASES OF THE CHAPTERS' TOPICS IN ACTION. Intriguing "Good Practice" examples at the conclusion of each chapter integrate the chapter's topics while exemplifying some of the latest developments in purchasing and supply chain management today.
  • UPDATED DISCUSSION QUESTIONS AND ADDITIONAL READINGS PROVIDE INSIGHTS INTO PURCHASING TODAY. Students gain a better understanding of the strategies, processes, and practices of purchasing as this edition's new discussion questions prompt engaging class interaction. Additional recommended readings further equip future managers with a better understanding of how purchasing and supply chain management directly impact an organization's profitability.
  • UPDATED CENTER-LED ORGANIZATION DISCUSSIONS GIVE STUDENTS A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THIS NEW, EFFECTIVE MODEL OF PROCUREMENT. Students gain a better understanding of the advantages, challenges, and flexibility that today's center-led organizational model can provide.
  • THE LATEST RESEARCH REFLECTS TODAY'S NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AND PURCHASING. Students gain a better understanding of the latest changes, such as the procure-to-pay (P2P) process covered in Chapter 2.
  • NEW EXAMPLES REFLECT TODAY'S EMERGING INDUSTRIES. This edition provides new supply management case examples and snapshots from the growing healthcare and service industries.
  • UPDATES DETAIL THE ROLE OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN PROCUREMENT TODAY. New coverage in Chapter 3 addresses sustainability as an important component of purchasing policy and procedures. This edition also lists the best companies for social responsibility and diversity in procurement.
  • UPDATED COVERAGE OF STRATEGIC CATEGORY MANAGEMENT DISCUSSES THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS AND STRATEGIES. New discussion in Chapter 6 explores how the economic recession is impacting category management strategies. A new section discusses how to perform market intelligence and risk assessments for category management. This edition also examines tools for stakeholder engagement, a critical component of category management.
  • NEW COVERAGE DISCUSSES INSOURCING VERSUS OUTSOURCING AS A COMPONENT OF STRATEGY. In this edition, students are able to more clearly compare the advantages and disadvantages of insourcing versus outsourcing as they examine fresh examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of Boeing Corporation insourcing more of its operations.
  • NEW COVERAGE PREPARES STUDENTS TO WORK EFFECTIVELY WITH SUPPLIERS. This edition now examines the basic contents of a Supplier Quality Manual in Chapter 8. A new section on "The Seven Wastes" discusses programs such as Honda's BP process (Chapter 8).
  • UPDATES REFLECT THE LATEST QUALITY STANDARDS. New coverage in Chapter 8 addresses ISO 9000:2008 Standards as well as ISO 14000:2004 Standards.
  • NEW COVERAGE PREPARES STUDENTS TO MANAGE THE SUPPLY BASE FOR MAXIMUM QUALITY AND PROFITABILITY. New sections in Chapter 9 address the topics of "Managing the Supply Base Risk" and "Managing Sustainability in the Supply Base."
  • NEW COVERAGE OF STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT EXAMINES THE LATEST RESEARCH AND PRACTICES. New material on strategic cost management and target costing explores Honda of America (Chapter 11). Students also study best practice research on strategic cost management from a recent 2009 study.
  • EXPANDED DISCUSSIONS ON NEGOTIATIONS BETTER PREPARE STUDENTS FOR THIS IMPORTANT ASPECT OF PROCUREMENT. Revised coverage in Chapter 13 examines the negotiation framework in supply management, while updated sections look at the impact of electronic media on negotiations.
  • NEW COVERAGE OF TRANSPORTATION ISSUES PREPARES STUDENTS FOR TODAY'S VARIABLES. Updates throughout Chapter 17 identify key transportation variables and discuss today's most recent transportation issues.
  • REVISED COVERAGE BETTER PREPARES STUDENTS TO PURCHASE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Updated sections in Chapter 17 address the topic of "Purchasing Services and Indirect Items" as well as effectively sourcing professional services.
  • NEW CONTENT REFLECTS THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS AND TRENDS. Students examine the most recent data on supply strategy performance results (Chapter 19) and explore innovation sourcing in new depth (Chapter 20).


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 1111533466 | ISBN-13: 9781111533465)

This all-in-one Instructor's Resource CD-ROM (IRCD) includes a Test Bank with true/false and multiple-choice questions for each chapter, and ExamView® for creating customized tests and study guides in minutes. Updated PowerPoint® slides highlight key exhibits from this edition to illustrate and prompt meaningful discussion of important concepts. An updated Case Correlation Guide and additional case studies further students' learning. All IRCD resources also are available at www.cengage.com/decisionsciences/monczka.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Robert M. Monczka

Robert M. Monczka, Ph.D., is the former Distinguished Research Professor of Supply Chain Management in the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and Professor Emeritus at the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, Michigan State University. He also served as director of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Strategy Research at CAPS Research, where he led initiatives focused on sourcing and supply strategy innovation, development, and implementation. A frequent speaker at professional meetings, Dr. Monczka has published more than 200 books and articles. He has consulted worldwide with leading companies in the Fortune 100 and has received two National Science Foundation grants to study supply strategy.

Robert B. Handfield

Robert B. Handfield, Ph.D., is Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management in the College of Management at North Carolina State University. He also is Co-Director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (http:// scrc.ncsu.edu). Dr. Handfield serves as Consulting Editor of the Journal of Operations Management and is on the editorial board of several leading academic journals. His research focuses on strategic sourcing, supply market intelligence, supplier relationship management, and sourcing overseas. He has served in consulting and executive education roles for more than 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Larry C. Giunipero

Larry C. Giunipero, Ph.D., CPSM, CPM, is Professor of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at Florida State University. He has published more than 60 articles in various academic journals. His research interests focus on supply management, including supply chain sourcing strategies and relationships, supply management skills and competencies, risk management, global sourcing, and e-purchasing. Dr. Giunipero has served as a consultant and/or executive trainer to more than 25 Fortune 1000 organizations both domestically and globally. He earned his Ph.D. at Michigan State University.

James L. Patterson

James L. Patterson, Ph.D., C.P.M., A.P.P., is Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management in the College of Business and Technology at Western Illinois University – Quad Cities. A Michigan State University Ph.D. alumnus in SCM, he holds lifetime C.P.M. and A.P.P. credentials from the Institute for Supply Management. He also serves as President of the Quad-City Foreign Trade Zone #133 and has twice been honored as Outstanding Teacher of the Year for WIU's CBT and four times in WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICA'S TEACHERS. He is a long-standing reviewer for the JOURNAL OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. Dr. Patterson's research interests include supply chain risk management, supply chain fraud, buyer-supplier relationships, negotiation and conflict resolution, and sourcing strategy.