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Game Development Principles, 1st Edition

  • Alan Thorn
  • ISBN-10: 128542705X  |  ISBN-13: 9781285427058
  • 370 Pages
  • © 2014 | Published
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The art of game development requires much more than simply the ability to operate game-programming software. Compelling, successful games--games that enchant players and stand the test of time--are created by developers who have absorbed the fundamental principles of good game design. Unless you get your mind around that basic theoretical framework, making games is destined to remain a frustrating, disappointing exercise. In GAME DEVELOPMENT PRINCIPLES, developer Alan Thorn clearly lays out the core theoretical knowledge on which most successful game developers rely--the concepts, workflow practices, techniques, and general details that go into the making of great computer games. Each chapter focuses on a key set of development concepts, including game math, textures and materials, geometry and topology, lighting, sound, effects, and more. Through a variety of illustrations, case studies, and examples, all your questions about the fundamentals of game development will be answered in a friendly, easy-to-grasp way. And you'll finish GAME DEVELOPMENT PRINCIPLES with a strong understanding of game development's core theoretical concepts.

Features and Benefits

  • Focuses on the abstract ideas and concepts of game development by way of explanation, illustration, case-studies and examples.
  • The instruction is application-neutral (technology-agnostic).
  • Includes coverage of basic mathematics for games programming and engine development.

Table of Contents

1. Game and Game Design.
2. Game Software Development.
3. Games Programming.
4. Game Math.
5. Graphics, Pixels, and Color.
6. Meshes, Rigging, and Animation.
7. Lighting and Rendering.
8. Sound and Music.
9. Special Effects and Post-Processing.
10. Distribution, Publishing, and Marketing.
11. Going Further.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Alan Thorn

Alan Thorn is a London-based game developer, freelance programmer, and author with more than 13 years of industry experience. He founded the game studio Wax Lyrical Games in 2010 and is the creator of the award-winning game Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok. He is the author of ten video training courses and thirteen books on game development, including Practical Game Development with Unity and Blender and UDK Game Development. Alan has worked freelance on more than 500 projects, including games, simulators, kiosks, serious games, and augmented reality software for game studios, museums, and theme parks worldwide. He is currently working on an upcoming 2D-adventure game, Mega Bad Code, for desktop computers and mobile devices.