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Sports Journalism at its Best: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Aticles, Cartoons, and Photographs, 1st Edition

  • Heinz-Dietrich Fischer Ruhr University, Bochum Germany
  • ISBN-10: 0830413650  |  ISBN-13: 9780830413652
  • 146 Pages
  • © 1999 | Published
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This is a dynamic collection of Pulitzer Prize-winning articles, cartoons, and photographs that relate to sports journalism. Fischer introduces sports journalism in the history of the Pulitzer Prize. He then examines fact-oriented sports reporting such as spot news, sports reporting, and sports photography. Next, he examines background-oriented reporting such as profiles of sports celebrities and investigative reporting of sports-related cases. Fischer concludes with a look at opinion-oriented genres such as editorial page sports comments and criticism of television sportscasting.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. Sports in the History of the Pulitzer Prize. Sports as Part of a New Pulitzer Prize Category. 2. Fact-Oriented Genres. Spot News Sports Reporting. Sports Photography Coverage. 3. Background-Oriented Genres. Profiles of Sports Celebrities. Investigative Sports-Related Cases. 4. Opinion-Oriented Genres. Editorial Page Sports Comments. Criticizing Television Sportscasting. Conclusion.