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Aplia™, 1 term Instant Access for Developmental Reading & Writing, Level 1 for Texas TSI, 1st Edition

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TEXAS TSI DEVELOPMENTAL READING AND WRITING APLIA, LEVEL 1 (ISBN-13 9781305273443) includes a review of the reading and writing skills covered in the new Texas TSI Placement test. Level 1 covers beginning through intermediate skill levels. Useful as a review before or after taking the TSI test to remediate on areas of weakness. Aplia's popular “Grade it Now” exercises offer instant feedback and multiple practice opportunities for each concept.

Content and Assets

Multiple Problem Sets are available for the following:
Diagnostic Assessment: Integrated Reading and Writing Level 1 (Pretest).
Main Idea and Supporting Details - Main Idea (Level 1).
Main Idea and Supporting Details - Main Ideas (Level 2).
Main Idea and Supporting Details - Supporting Details, Mapping, and Outlining (Level 1).
Main Idea and Supporting Details - Supporting Details, Mapping, and Outlining (Level 2).
Main Idea and Supporting Details - Implied Main Ideas (Level 1).
Main Idea and Supporting Details - Implied Main Ideas (Level 2).
Sentence Structure – Fragments.
Sentence Structure - Run-Ons and Comma Splices.
Sentence Structure – Parallelism.
Sentence Structure - Comma Usage.
Sentence Structure – Possession.
Sentence Structure – Punctuation.
Purpose and Focus - Writing Situations.
Purpose and Focus - The Writing Process.
Purpose and Focus - Topic Sentences.
Purpose and Focus - Critical Thinking Skills.
Author’s Use of Language - Improving Reading and Writing (Level 1).
Author’s Use of Language - Improving Reading and Writing (Level 2).
Author’s Use of Language - Transitions (Level 1).
Author’s Use of Language - Transitions (Level 2).
Author’s Use of Language - Patterns of Organization (Level 1).
Author’s Use of Language - Patterns of Organization (Level 2).
Author’s Use of Language - Reading Visual Aids.
Author’s Use of Language - Critical Reading.
Agreement - Subject-Verb Agreement.
Sentence Logic - Modifier Use.
Agreement - Pronoun Agreement.
Sentence Logic - Sound-Alikes and Look-Alikes.
Organization and Structure - Coherence and Organization.
Organization and Structure - Layout/Document Design.
Organization and Structure – Description.
Organization and Structure – Narration.
Organization and Structure – Process.
Organization and Structure - Cause and Effect.
Organization and Structure - Compare and Contrast.
Inferences in a Text or Texts.
Development and Support - Supporting ideas.
Development and Support - Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing.
Development and Support - Moving From Paragraphs to Essays.
Agreement: Consistency - Simple Present Tense.
Agreement: Consistency - Simple Past Tense.
Agreement: Consistency - Perfect Tenses.
Agreement: Consistency - Progressive Tenses.
Sentence Variety and Style.
Diagnostic Assessment: Integrated Reading and Writing Level 1 (Posttest).
Unassigned but available:
Foundations of Writing - Nouns and Articles.
Foundations of Writing – Adjectives.
Foundations of Writing – Verbals.
Foundations of Writing – Prepositions.
Foundations of Writing - Auxiliary Verbs.
Foundations of Writing - Basic Sentence Structure.

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Efficacy and Outcomes

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“I was very engaged; the content in Aplia is useful. The study tools and materials in Aplia most definitely help me feel more prepared. I understood more than I would have otherwise.”

— Tia, Student, Glendale Community College

“[Aplia] has facilitated a greater level of meaningful engagement for my students, and has prepared them more effectively to be successful on the TSI Writing exam. Thank you.”

— Ricardo Vergara, Professor of English, Laredo Community College

“Aplia helps and encourages the students to do the readings and pay more attention to the information, and it will allow you to bring in more examples and have APPLIED examples.”

— Bill Carroll, Professor, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

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Aplia is dedicated to improving students' learning by increasing their effort and engagement with your course. Founded by an instructor for other instructors, Aplia offers students premium, automatically graded assignments with detailed explanations that ensure they put forth effort on a regular basis.


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