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Teaching Young Children in Multicultural Classrooms: Issues, Concepts, and Strategies, 4th Edition

  • Wilma Robles de Melendez Nova Southeastern University
  • Vesna Ostertag Beck Nova Southeastern University
  • ISBN-10: 1111837147  |  ISBN-13: 9781111837143
  • 416 Pages
  • © 2013 | Published
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TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN IN MULTICULTURAL CLASSROOMS: ISSUES, CONCEPTS, AND STRATEGIES, Fourth Edition, is a comprehensive text on the historical, theoretical, political, and sociological aspects of multicultural education as it relates to young children. Featuring practical guidelines, curriculum suggestions, and techniques for use in the classroom, the book is appropriate for those studying to become early childhood teachers as well as being a comprehensive resource for practicing professionals. Updated with new statistics, references, and terminology, the fourth edition also includes new case studies, expanded coverage of standards and technology, an integrated video feature, and a more prominent emphasis on the benefits of teaching multiculturalism from a global perspective.

Features and Benefits

  • Among other topics, coverage includes families and family models, gender equity, ESOL children and children with special needs, Developmentally Culturally Appropriate Practice (DCAP), the role of the teacher and curriculum development, and, in each chapter and an Appendix, lists of multicultural children's books.
  • In-text features (In Action, Focus on Classroom Practices, Things to Do, Let's Talk and Reflect, and others) provide students with opportunities to apply course content.
  • Internet resources correspond to the themes and concepts presented in the text.

Table of Contents

1. Facing the Reality of Diversity: The Intricate Nature of Our Society.
2. The Nature of Culture, The Nature of People.
3. Families in Our Classrooms: Many Ways, Many Voices.
4. Who Is the Child? Developmental Characteristics of Young Children.
5. Everything Started When Tracing the Beginnings of Multicultural Education.
6. Approaches to Multicultural Education: Ways and Designs for Classroom Implementation.
7. The Classroom, Where Words Become Action.
8. Preparing to Bring Ideas into Action.
9. Activities and Resources for Multicultural Teaching: A World of Possibilities!
10. A World of Resources: Involving Families, Friends, and the Community.
Appendix A: Recommended List of Selected Multicultural Children's Books.
Appendix B: Organizations That Support Multiculturalism and Diversity.
Appendix C: Developing Multicultural Awareness: Sample Activities.
Appendix D: Planning for Cultural Diversity: Developing a Class Profile.

What's New

  • Expanded and updated coverage of standards, including NAYEC and INTASC, ensures that your students are informed about current educational standards.
  • New marginal callouts identify NAEYC standards-related material throughout the text. In addition, a new correlation chart linking the standards to text content provides an easy-to-use reference guide for students.
  • The new edition improves its focus on the benefits of teaching multiculturalism from a global perspective.
  • Learning Objectives have been added at the beginning of each chapter, providing students with a roadmap to key ideas to be discussed.
  • A new video feature integrated into the text, with reflection questions, introduces videos that further illustrate key concepts. Videos are available for viewing at the Early Childhood Education Media Library.
  • A new "Around the World" feature highlights cultural practices from around the globe, with many based on experiences of the authors' own students. This feature helps students adapt to the globalization trends in education.
  • Expanded and updated coverage of technology reflects the increasing use of technology tools in the classroom. Statistics, references, and terminology are also updated throughout.
  • New case studies and additional activities have been added to the book (and the Instructor's Manual), with many based on students' personal experiences.
  • A new library of downloadable forms has been added to the book's website, giving students a one-stop location for a wealth of new and improved educational resources.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"I think the authors did a great job. The text covers most of the concepts needed to be taught and it also provides a lot of strategies."

— Miranda Lin, Illinois State University

"[The book is] well organized, easy to locate specific information in, and very thorough. I like the connections that are made to history, actual real world events, and experiences."

— Patty Kennedy, Ivy Tech Community College

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Wilma Robles de Melendez

Wilma Robles de Melendez, Ph.D., works for Nova Southeastern University and has been a professor of early childhood education for over two decades. She has written and published several articles in education journals as well as another text with Vesna Ostertag Beck for Delmar Learning: TEACHING SOCIAL STUDIES IN EARLY EDUCATION.

Vesna Ostertag Beck

Vesna Ostertag Beck, Ed.D., is a professor of early childhood education at Nova Southeastern University, where she has been working in the field for over two decades. Vesna has written and published several articles in educational journals, and is the co-author (with Wilma Robles de Melendez) of TEACHING SOCIAL STUDIES IN EARLY EDUCATION.