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Getting it Right!: Milady's Survival Guide for Cosmetology Students, 1st Edition

  • Karen Levine A husband/wife team that has written professional books working with many industry professionals.
  • Alan Gelb
  • ISBN-10: 1401817327  |  ISBN-13: 9781401817329
  • 248 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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Getting it Right: Milady's Survival Guide for Cosmetology Students is a fun-to-read collection of practical, proven tips and hints to make the life of a cosmetology student easier and more productive. Hundreds of short tips are organized by category, making the information easy to find and fun to look through. Tips range from the physical to the abstract and are grouped by categories, such as On the Clinic Floor, Studying for the Exam, and Getting Organized. Compiled from the actual experiences of students, teachers, and professionals throughout the US, the tips are easy to digest and remember. They offer some not-so-obvious ways to make cosmetology school more manageable and preparing for licensure less threatening. The compact size of the book makes it easy to tuck into a handbag or jacket pocket for browsing whenever time permits.

Features and Benefits

  • Hundreds of practical tips to make cosmetology school simpler
  • Short "bite-sized" advice that's easy to read and remember
  • Organized by topic to make information more accessible

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started.
Chapter 2: Staying on Track.
Chapter 3: The Goal Zone.
Chapter 4: Brain Power.
Chapter 5: Study Skills.
Chapter 6: Works and Plays Well With Others.
Chapter 7: What Did You Say?
Chapter 8: Holistic Hints.
Chapter 9: I Can’t Handle This!
Chapter 10: Getting Organized.
Chapter 11: All About Money.
Chapter 12: Moving Ahead.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Karen Levine

Karen Levine and Alan Gelb are a husband/wife team who write many professional and consumer works. They work in conjunction with an industry professional. Their Survival Guides have been highly successful.

Alan Gelb

Alan Gelb holds Alan Gelb holds dual master degrees in Writing and Education and is a member of Writers Guild of America and PEN International. He has written many professional and consumer works and his Survival Guides have been highly successful.