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Exploring Storyboarding, 1st Edition

  • Wendy Tumminello The Art Institute of Washington
  • ISBN-10: 1401827152  |  ISBN-13: 9781401827151
  • 288 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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An effective combination of creative exercises, real-life examples, and simple illustrations are integrated in this "how-to" book, teaching readers to develop their storyboarding skills for a variety of media types, including film, television, animation, and interactive media. Each aspect of the storyboarding process is carefully examined including creating visually specific shot lists and overhead diagrams, and drawing simple sketches that express a clear understanding of staging, editing, and composition. Coverage is rounded out with a comprehensive overview of camera techniques that helps readers visualize a scene before the process of storyboarding begins.

Features and Benefits

  • A "hands-on approach" provides active learning of the planning process for projects used by directors, cinematographers, producers, and art directors
  • Interviews with artists in the field provide professional advice and informative tips and tricks that every storyboard artist should know
  • Practical exercises assist potential artists in honing their skills and becoming better at visualizing objects and character placement
  • The importance of aspect ratios to the storyboarding process, composition, and depth of field and lighting are examined, key terminology is explained and illustrative examples are presented
  • Templates for creating storyboards are provided for photocopying
  • A Instructor's Guide on CD-ROM contains sample syllabi, additional projects and assignments, test questions and more

Table of Contents

Visual Storytelling and Storyboards.
Origins of Storyboards and Aspect Ratios.
Fundamentals of the Shot.
From Script to Storyboard.
Animation, Film and Special Effects.
New Media.
Drawing the Human Form.
The Business of Storyboarding

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Wendy Tumminello

Wendy Tumminello is an Instructor at the Art Institute of Washington. She was listed as one of the Top 100 Video and Multimedia Producers of 1997, AV Video & Multimedia Producer Magazine, and she was a 2000 Grant winner for her documentary film from Women in Film, Los Angeles. Tumminello is a member of the International Documentary Association, Women in Film and Video Association, and the University Film and Video Association.