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Multimedia BASICS, 1st Edition

  • Suzanne Weixel
  • Jennifer Fulton
  • Karl Barksdale Farrer Middle School, Provo, UT
  • Cheryl Beck Morse Brigham Young University
  • Bryan Morse
  • ISBN-10: 0619055332  |  ISBN-13: 9780619055332
  • 920 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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This new text from our BASICS series provides comprehensive coverage of many multimedia topics including graphics, animation, video, presentations, desktop publishing, and web pages. An excellent foundation for any multimedia or website design curriculum.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes non-software specific, step-by-step exercises that can be used with many different software packages.
  • Offers introductory computer projects for presentation graphics, desktop publishing, graphics and animation, sound and video, and Web site design.
  • Provides a user friendly design and layout.
  • Instructor Resources CD-ROM includes data files, solutions, ExamView testing software and test bank, SCANS, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and much more!

Table of Contents

Graphics Unit
Lesson 1: Creating Graphics
Lesson 2: Importing and Exporting Graphics
Lesson 3: Modifying Graphics
Lesson 4: Adding Text to Graphics
Lesson 5: Creating Special Effects

Animation and Video Unit
Lesson 1: Creating Animations
Lesson 2: Enhancing Animations
Lesson 3: Publishing an Animation
Lesson 4: Working with Video
Lesson 5: Enhancing Video
Lesson 6: Publishing Video

Presentation Systems Unit
Lesson 1: Working with Presentations
Lesson 2: Enhancing a Presentation
Lesson 3: Working with Graphic Objects
Lesson 4: Working with Sound and Animations
Lesson 5: Creating Support Materials
Lesson 6: Giving a Presentation

Desktop Publishing Unit
Lesson 1: Working with Documents
Lesson 2: Working with Text
Lesson 3: Formatting Pages
Lesson 4: Working with Objects
Lesson 5: Enhancing Publications
Lesson 6: Publishing a Document

Web Site Development Unit
Lesson 1: Creating a Web Page
Lesson 2: Formatting and Linking Web Site Pages
Lesson 3: Adding Color, Graphics, and Animation to Web Pages
Lesson 4: Working in a Web Site Design Program
Lesson 5: Polishing and Publishing Your Web Site

Appendix A: The Windows Operating System


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor Resources  (ISBN-10: 0619055375 | ISBN-13: 9780619055370)

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Suzanne Weixel

Suzanne Weixel is a self-employed writer and editor specializing in the technology industry. Her experience with computers began in 1974 when she learned to play football on the Dartmouth time-sharing terminal her brother installed in a spare bedroom. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 1981 with a degree in Art History. In 1984, after a series of jobs which included stints in the advertising department at Inc. Magazine, and as the Quality Assurance Coordinator at International Training Systems, a now-defunct developer of interactive educational training courseware, she wound up in the advertising department of ComputerWorld Newspaper. The following year she moved to the editorial department as the New Products Editor. In 1988, Suzanne left ComputerWorld to begin working full time as a freelance writer and editor. Since then, she has written, co-written, or edited more than 40 books, primarily for the technology education industry.

Jennifer Fulton

Jennifer Fulton is an experienced computer consultant and trainer with over 20 years in the business. Jennifer is the author of more than 100 computer books, served as iVillage's "Computer Coach," and is also a computer trainer for corporate personnel, teaching a variety of classes including Windows, Microsoft Office, PaintShop Pro, and Photoshop Elements. She is a senior partner of Ingenus, LLC.

Karl Barksdale

Karl Barksdale is currently an instructor at the Utah County Academy of Sciences and is a former instructor at Farrer Middle school in Provo, UT. He has recently been a consultant for Google. Formerly a Development Manager for the Training and Certification team at WordPerfect Corporation, he obtained a master's degree in curriculum from the University of Utah and applied his degree as the Secondary Curriculum Coordinator for Provo School District. Later he returned to education as a Business Education instructor. Since that time he has authored more than 50 business and computer education textbooks for South-Western Educational Publishing, Course Technology, Speaking Solutions, and other publishers.

Cheryl Beck Morse

Cheryl Beck Morse graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in both Elementary Education and Special Education. Currently, Cheryl works as a product manager and instructional technologist at the Center for Instructional Design at Brigham Young University. Before her work at Brigham Young University, Cheryl worked for Thomson Learning as an editor and senior project manager. She worked as an instructional designer for Crystal Canyon Interactive. She also worked as a course designer and trainer for WordPerfect Corporation and as a high school teacher in Pinellas County, Florida, where she taught students with learning disabilities. She has co-authored two high school textbooks: CorporateView: Management and Human Relations and Multimedia Basics: Animation and Video. Cheryl is also involved in teaching speech recognition workshops.