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Global Economic Crisis: Impact on Business Ethics and Society, 1st Edition

  • Global Economics Crisis Resource Center
  • ISBN-10: 0538743301  |  ISBN-13: 9780538743303
  • 40 Pages
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The first half of the printed module for the Economics ebook discusses the historical context of the global economic crisis. The next 16 pages of the module discuss the impact of the global economic crisis on the Economics discipline. This 32-page module also provides learning goals, questions, key terms and digital access to the entire Global Economic Crisis Resource Center. Please visit www.cengage.com/gec.

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Global Economics Crisis Resource Center

The current global economic crisis leaves more and more questions unanswered every day and presents "one of the most teachable moments of the century." South-Western delivers the solution. The Global Economic Crisis Resource Center is an online one-stop shopping location that provides educators with current news, journal articles, videos, podcasts, PowerPoint slides, test questions and much more. For more details go to http://www.cengage.com/rc/gec.