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Outdoor Power Equipment (ED Version), 1st Edition

  • Jay Webster Columbus State Community College
  • ISBN-10: 0766813916  |  ISBN-13: 9780766813915
  • 600 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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Designed to assist students in developing the skills required of professionally certified outdoor power equipment technicians, this book features operation, troubleshooting and service information that can be used to maintain and repair commonly used outdoor equipment, including: lawnmowers and garden tractors, snow throwers, leaf blowers and string trimmers, chain saws, and more! Comprehensive in scope, Small Engines for Outdoor Power Equipment begins by acquainting students with shop safety, tools and basic service information. Following exposure to "the big picture" of small engine operation, students are then introduced to the specifics of the ignition system, fuel system, governor and throttle control system, lubrication system, cooling and exhaust system, manual starting system, and the electrical starting and charging system. Both two-stroke and four-stroke engines are covered in detail. Small Engines for Outdoor Power Equipment also features step-by-step photo sequences to illustrate service techniques and provides students with an opportunity to "test" their knowledge by conducting a failure analysis and successfully rebuilding a failed engine.

Features and Benefits

  • Popular outdoor power equipment is used to introduce students to the basic operations of two-stroke and four-stroke engines, as well as common maintenance, service and repair procedures.
  • Troubleshooting and failure analysis is emphasized in every chapter to assist students in developing the critical thinking skills they need
  • Shop safety is emphasized throughout the book, with discussion of current professional certification requirements included to assist students in launching their careers.
  • Step-by-step photo sequences enable students to visualize service techniques before attempting to perform them

Table of Contents

Part 1 SHOP INFORMATION AND SKILLS 1. Safety and Certification: 2. Tools: 3. Measuring Tools: . 4. Measuring Electricity, Pressure, and Vacuum: 5. Threaded Fasteners: PHOTO SEQUENCE P1- Using a Tap to Repair a Thread. 6. Non Threaded Fasteners: 7. Service Information: PART 2 ENGINE OPERATION 8. Four Stroke Engine Operation and Cylinder Block Parts: 9. Four Stroke Engine Valve System Parts: 10. Two Stroke Engine: 11. Engine Specifications and Selection: . PART 3 ENGINE SYSTEMS 12. Ignition Systems/Magneto: 13. Ignition Systems/High Voltage Components: 14. Fuel System/Fuels, Tanks, and Pumps: 15. Fuel System/Carburetors and Air Cleaners: 16. Governor and Throttle Control Systems: 17. Lubrication Systems: 18. Cooling and Exhaust Systems: 19. Manual Starting Systems: PHOTO SEQUENCE P2- Removing and Replacing a Starter Rope and Starter Spring. 20. Electrical Starting and Charging Systems: PART 4 TROUBLESHOOTING, MAINTENANCE, AND TUNE-UP 21. Troubleshooting: PHOTO SEQUENCE P3 MEASURE ENGINE COMPRESSION 22. Preventative Maintenance: PHOTO SEQUENCE P4 ADJUST OVERHEAD VALVES 23. Ignition Tune-Up: PHOTO SEQUENCE P5 REMOVE AND REPLACE A SPARK PLUG 24. Fuel System Tune-Up: PHOTO SEQUENCE P6 ADJUST A CARBURETOR PART 5 ENGINE SERVICE 25. Engine Disassembly and Failure Analysis: 26. Valve Service: PHOTO SEQUENCE P7 RECONDITIONING VALVE SEATS WITH A VALVE SEAT CUTTER 27. Crankshaft, Connecting Rod, and Bearing Service: 28. Cylinder and Piston Service: 29. Engine Assembly: PART 6 EQUIPMENT OPERATION AND SERVICE 30. Rotary and Reel Walk Behind Mowers: PHOTO SEQUENCE P8 SHARPEN AND BALANCE A ROTARY MOWER BLADE 31. Lawn and Garden Tractors: 32. Edgers, Tillers, and Snow Throwers: PHOTO SEQUENCE P9 REMOVE AND REPLACE AN EDGER BLADE 33. Chain Saws, String Trimmers, and Blowers: PHOTO SEQUENCE P10 REMOVE, REPLACE AND TENSION A CHAIN SAW CHAIN 34. Portable Pumps and Generators: Glossary.


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