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Teacher as Reflective Practitioner and Action Researcher, 1st Edition

  • Rick Parsons West Chester University
  • Kimberlee Brown
  • ISBN-10: 0534557112  |  ISBN-13: 9780534557119
  • 176 Pages
  • © 2002 | Published
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This book introduces students who are also pre-service teachers to the powerful concept of action research -- research which stems from a practical problem and is planned and implemented by the people most likely to be affected by the findings - the teachers. This text provides the specifics of transforming the teacher (or preservice teacher ) into a reflective practitioner and action researcher.

Table of Contents

Part I: Action Research: Increasing Effectiveness of Teacher Decision Making.
1. Teachers as Reflective Practitioners and Action Researchers.
2. The Fundamentals Still Apply.
Part II: Increasing Teacher Effectiveness: Working With the Uniqueness of "Who" We Teach.
3. The Unique Impact of Students' Cognitive Development: First an Observation and a Question.
4. Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology: Tools for the Action Researcher.
5. Hypothesis Testing, Validity and Research Design: Addressing Student Needs and Reactions.
6. Case Study and Within Subject Design for Observing and Adjusting to Individual Uniqueness.
Part III: The How of Teaching: Researching Learning Theory and Instructional Practice.
7. Time Series Designs: Studying Behavioral Learning Theories.
8. Using a Reversal Design to Assess the Effectiveness of Constructivist Approaches to the Classroom.
9. Multiple Baseline Designs: As Applied to Studying Elements of Student Motivation.
Part IV: Becoming an Action Researcher.
10. Becoming an Action Researcher.
Epilogue: Being Informed and Formed By Research and Experience.