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Programmable Controller Circuits, 1st Edition

  • Roger Bertrand Central Maine Technical College, Auburn, Maine
  • ISBN-10: 0827370660  |  ISBN-13: 9780827370661
  • 240 Pages
  • © 1996 | Published
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This book is a project manual designed to provide practical laboratory experience for the student of Industrial controls: Its purpose is two fold (1) to provide structured laboratory experiences based on motor control applications. (2) to provide a background on programming control circuits and concepts that are used in industry. Throughout the manual the student will construct and program their own circuits focusing on "real-world" purposes. The projects and experiments will lead them in a step-by-step development process, designed to progress through various stages of programming instructions. The student's abilities to analyze and program circuits will progress as they complete each project. The simulator can be used to complete all the programming projects and experiments in the book. With the supervision of the instructor the simulator can be assembled and connected by students to provide valuable training.

Features and Benefits

  • covers two major industrial control sections, the industrial motor control field and the programmable controller field
  • each project has objectives, discussion, program logic, procedure and experiments so it can be applied as a supplement to various text in the industrial control field
  • discussion and reference section provides background information and directs users to to the appropriate sections of the A-B manual
  • program logic and procedure section details a step-by-step procedure for completing the labs
  • the instructor's guide provides a course syllabus, instructor tips and how to construct a programmable controller simulator

Table of Contents

Part I: Electromechanical/ Project 1. Stop-Start Circuits 1.1Two Motor Starters 1.2 Two Stop-Start 1.3 Sequence Start 1.4 Single Pushbutton Sequence 1.5 Non-Sequential Lights /Project 2. Run-jog Circuits 2.1 Jog-Off Auto 2.2 Relay Jog #1 2.3 Relay Jog #2 2.4 Jog1-Jog 2-Run 1&2 /Project 3. Forward Reverse Circuits 3.1 Standard Forward-Reverse 3.2 Reverse Jog1-Forward 1&2 Reverse Jog2 3.3 Forward Run-4 Starters /Project 4 Timing Circuits 4.1 Timed Sequence 1 4.2 Timed Sequence 2 4.3 timed Press Circuit 4.4 Timed Switch Circuit 4.5 Two Speed Compelling / Project 5 AC Drive System...Part 2: Programming Introduction /Project 6. Stop- Start 6.1 Sequence Start 6.2 Latch/Unlatch 6.3 Masher Control Reset 6.4 Hand -Auto 6.5 Non-Sequential Lights 6.6 Logic Circuit Lab / Project 7. Run & Jog 7.1 Selector Jog 7.2 Bit Moving / Project 8 Bag Conveyor 8.1 Timed Motor Sequence 8.2 Timed Press Circuit 8.4 Cycle Timer /Project 9 Forward-Reverse (off delay) 9.1 For-Rev Low-High /Project 10 Up-Down counter 10.1 Bottle Count 1 10.2 Bottle Count /Project 11. Forward & Reverse (sequence) 11.1 Electric Brake 11.2 Reset to Park /Project 12. Press Cycle 12.1 Temperature Conversion 1. 12.2 Barbecue Sauce /Project 13. Thumbwheel 13.1 False Starts 13.2 Temperature Conversion 2. /Project 14 Multi-Speed Motor 14.1 Sequence Lights / Project 15 Storage Process 15.1 Storage Process 2. 15.2 Hungarian Roll Recipe Project 16 Conveyor system 16.1 Box Conveyor Project 17 Paint Shift 17.1 Ring Shift 17.2 right/Left Shift 17.3 Parallel In/Serial Out/ Project 18. Log Kicker 18.1 Log Scanner 19. Sequencer 19.1 Car Wash / Project 20 Sequential Function Chart 20.1 SFC#2 /Project 21 Digital to Analog Conversion /Project 22. Analog to Digital Conversion 22.1 AD/DA / Project 23. PID 23.1 PID#2 24 Structured Text Program 24.1 STX #2 Appendix A: Instruction References Appendix B. Roto-Push Switches

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Roger Bertrand

Roger Bertrand has over 30 years experience as a master electrician. He received both his BS and MS from the University of Maine. He is currently the an Instructor and Department Chair of Electromechanical Technology at Central Maine Technical College in Auburn, Maine.