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Civil Litigation For Paralegals, 2nd Edition

  • Elizabeth Richardson Central Piedmont Community College
  • Milton Regan, Jr. Georgetown University Law Center
  • ISBN-10: 0827383673  |  ISBN-13: 9780827383678
  • 520 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1992
  • © 1998 | Published
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Civil Litigation teaches the basics of civil litigation and the practical information needed to understand the concepts. Two sample cases are used throughout to illustrate all phases of litigation. The text includes examples of pleadings, motions, and other forms. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and local court rules are fully illustrated. The Resource Manual contains a table of citations for each state's statutes for an important topic in each chapter, such as the states' rules of evidence. Civil Litigation is written by educators with litigation experience. The writing style makes the topic interesting and approachable, easily explaining even the most complex topics in civil litigation. The text has a host of features to reinforce the concepts presented in each chapter and develop students' critical thinking skills. These include chapter summaries, Review Questions, Practical Application exercises, and Case Analysis exercises for each chapter. Civil Litigation has the practical approach and comprehensive coverage to prepare students to be effective litigation paralegals from their first day on the job. The Resource Manual provides extensive study questions and a chapter overview, which are enormously popular features with students. The Instructor's Manual includes test banks, an Annotated Outline for each chapter which can be used for lecture notes, and numerous Teaching Suggestions. Civil Litigation is the most readable, comprehensive, and enjoyable teaching package available for your civil litigation class.

Features and Benefits

  • use of sample cases for hands-on experience with forms and pleadings
  • each chapter has the following features to reinforce concepts and develop critical thinking skills: Chapter Summary, Review Questions, Practical Application Exercises, Case Analysis Exercises, Ethics Block discussing an ethics issue specific to that chapter
  • Resource Manual with Chapter Overview, Study Questions (short essays) with answers, Test Your Knowledge (objective questions) with answers, and a table of state-specific citations for a topic in each chapter

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Civil Litigation and the Law Office. 2. Court Organization and Jurisdiction. 3. Evidence. 4. Development of the Case. 5. Commencement of the Plaintiff's Lawsuit. 6. Subsequent Pleadings. 7. Motion Practice and Motions for Entry of Judgment Without Trial. 8. Discovery. 9. Document Control and Trial Preparation. 10. Pretrial Conferences, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Settlement. 11. Trial. 12. Posttrial Procedures and Appeals. Appendix. Glossary. Index.

What's New

  • end-of -chapter learning features, including practical application exercises and case analysis exercises
  • expanded discussion of alternative dispute resolution, including reprints of local rules to illustrate ADR procedures

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