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Social Work Practice in Mental Health: Contemporary Roles, Tasks, and Techniques, 1st Edition

  • Kia J. Bentley Virginia Commonwealth University
  • ISBN-10: 0534549209  |  ISBN-13: 9780534549206
  • 432 Pages
  • © 2002 | Published
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This new edited text presents a "partnership" model and aims to be cutting edge, scholarly, and unambiguously useful and practical. Kia J. Bentley and the other well-known and respected contributors address the need for approachable, immediately useful discipline specific content on the most important social work practice roles in mental health. The book articulates how roles often associated with working with a specific population (e.g. those who abuse substances, persons with severe mental illness, distressed marital couples) are quite relevant and useful in a much wider range of populations.

Table of Contents

1. A Vision of Excellence for Social Work in Contemporary Mental Health Settings, Kia J. Bentley and Melissa Floyd Taylor.
2. Social Workers a Crisis Counselors, Susan Gingerich.
3. Social Workers as Diagnosticians, Jaclyn Miller.
4. Social Workers as Therapists, Joseph Walsh.
5. Social Workers as Mediators, Kevin Corcoran and Mary Ann Dearborn.
6. Social Workers as Educators, Ellen P. Lukens and Kimberly Prchal.
7. Social Work as Skills Trainers, Deborah Gioia-Hasick and John S. Brekke.
8. Social Workers as Case Managers, William Patrick Sullivan and Charles A. Rapp.
9. Social Workers as Medication Facilitators, Rosemary Farmer and Kia. J. Bentley.
10. Social Workers as Consumer and Family Consultants, Phyllis Solomon, Tina Boggart, Edie Mannion, and John Farmer.
11. Social Workers as Collaborators and Interdisciplinary Team Members, Roberta G. Sands and Beth Angell.
12. Social Workers as Advocates and Community Organizers, Shela Silverman.
13. Social Workers as Program Evaluators and Researchers, A. Suzanne Boyd and Wynne S. Korr.
14. Social Workers as Administrators and Policy Analysts, Robert Paulson.
15. Emerging Knowledge and Future Trends in Mental Health: Implications for Social Work, Harriette C. Johnson.

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"…a long awaited book for social work mental health practitioners! It is comprehensive and reflects the changing state of the arts for mental health practice - giving us fresh insights and strategies for dealing with an evolving array of new tasks and concepts."

— Vikki Vandiver, Portland State University

"I am not aware of another book that is this comprehensive. Finally!! All of the mental health practice arenas under one roof."

— Patricia Higgins, Western State Hospital

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Kia J. Bentley

Dr. Kia J. Bentley is a licensed clinical social worker, tenured professor, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she has taught since 1989. Her current teaching focuses on mental health and mental illness, psychopharmacotherapy and social work, clinical theory, and research. She is consulting editor for The Journal of Social Work Education and chapter member of the editorial board of Best Practices in Mental Health. In Virginia, she is the chair of the Human Rights Committee of Central State Hospital. She is the author of another Cengage Brooks/Cole text, SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE IN MENTAL HEALTH: CONTEMPORARY ROLES, TASKS, AND TECHNIQUES AND PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION ISSUES FOR SOCIAL WORKERS, as well as COUNSELORS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS (2003, HAWORTH).