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Dementia Care: InService Training Modules for Long-Term Care, 1st Edition

  • Jackie Nasso
  • Lisa Celia
  • ISBN-10: 1401898580  |  ISBN-13: 9781401898588
  • 352 Pages
  • © 2007 | Published
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Dementia Care Inservice Training Modules for Long-Term Care is a complete collection of research material for specialized dementia care training in the long-term care setting. Each of the eight modules is created to decrease preparation time for the presenter by including everything necessary for an effective presentation. The curriculum covers all aspects of specialized dementia care, including anatomy and physiology, basic principles of care, daily care, eating challenges, recreation and activities, common medical problems, and more. The easy to understand format and all-inclusive packet can be incorporated into any non-nursing forum such as support groups or informal caregivers and can be adapted for large or small audiences. Each module is concluded with summaries, scenarios and group activities to further the learning process. Dementia Care Inservice Training Modules for Long-Term Care will help prepare any member of the healthcare team for the daily ups and downs of dementia caregiving.

Features and Benefits

  • Set of 8 inservice modules on dementia care includes lecture material, objectives, PowerPoint� slides, handouts, real-life scenarios, and suggestions for group activities and audience interaction
  • Information presented in a format relevant to nursing assistants and other members of the health care team
  • Comprehensive material for a complete specialized dementia care training program
  • Adaptable format can be broken down into smaller segments for larger or smaller audiences, and utilized by support groups

Table of Contents

Module 1 Understanding dementia
Module 2 Basic principles of care
Module 3 Daily care
Module 4 Eating challenges with dementia
Module 5 Recreation and activities
Module 6 Coping with dementia
Module 7 Common medical problems with the dementia client
Module 8 Caring for the caregiver

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Jackie Nasso

Jackie Nasso, RN, BSN, MPA, has worked in Training and Quality Management for both short and long term facilities. Co-author of Home Care Aide, Inservice Training Modules, 2004, Delmar Publishing (ISBN 0-7668-3902-8). Jackie sits on the Home Health Aide Committee of the Home Care Association of NJ and works as a Training and Quality Management consultant.

Lisa Celia

Lisa Celia RN, BSN worked in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings and assisted in implementing total quality management. Co authored Home Care Aide, Inservice Training Modules, 2004, Delmar Publishers ISBN 0-7668-3902-8. Lisa is a member of Nursing Consortium, works with a world wide pharmaceutical company and local neurologists. Lisa is a Home Care Training Nurse, a patient advocate and a support group leader.