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Audio in Media, 9th Edition

  • Stanley R. Alten Syracuse University
  • ISBN-10: 049557239X  |  ISBN-13: 9780495572398
  • 576 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2008, 2005, 2002
  • © 2011 | Published
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In AUDIO IN MEDIA, Ninth Edition, Stanley Alten--internationally recognized as a scholar and expert in the area of audio production--continues to provide students with an introduction to the basic techniques and principles necessary for audio production in today's media. The clear and current illustrations and photos and student-friendly writing in Alten's market-leading text have helped professors effectively teach this operationally-based course to thousands of introductory audio production students. Comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date, the text covers informational, perceptual, and aesthetic aspects of sound as they apply to each stage of the production process--from planning to post-production.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive and up-to-the-minute coverage of all technical and industry standards makes this book an excellent resource for students.
  • This text provides a solid foundation to the basic concepts that apply to all aspects of audio production.
  • An outstanding art and photo program provides clear illustrations that visually reinforce difficult technical concepts. These illustrations are key to helping students through a technically-based course.
  • Reviewers praise the clear writing style, which is succinct and appropriate for the introductory audio production student.

Table of Contents

1. Sound and Hearing.
2. Acoustics and Psychoacoustics.
3. Loudspeakers and Monitoring.
4. Microphones.
5. Consoles and Control Surfaces.
6. Recording.
7. Synchronization and Transfers.
8. Signal Processors.
9. Sound and the Speaking Voice.
10. Voice-overs and Narration.
11. Dialogue.
12. Studio Production: Radio and Television.
13. Field Production: News and Sports.
14. Sound Design.
15. Sound Effects.
16. Music Underscoring.
17. Audio for Interactive Media: Game Sound.
18. Internet Production.
19. Music Recording.
20. Editing.
21. Mixing: An Overview.
22. Music Mixdown.
23. Premixing and Rerecording for Television and Film.
24. Evaluating the Finished Product.

What's New

  • The Ninth Edition is organized into four clearly defined sections: Principles, Technology, Production, Postproduction.
  • The 9th edition includes new sections dealing with Producing for Small Media and expanded coverage of Field Production; Producing Sound Effects; Underscoring examples; Online Collaborative Recording; Music Recording; the Music Mixdown; and Surround Sound.
  • Although the length of the book has not increased, there are now 24 chapters, instead of 19, to facilitate a more focused treatment of content and make distribution of subject matter easier to locate and assign. As with previous editions, the organization facilitates reading chapters in or out of sequence, based on need and level of background, with no disruption in continuity.
  • Where possible, like subjects have been grouped into sequential chapters for better flow. For example, speech-related material is covered in consecutive chapters on "Sound and the Speaking Voice", "Voice-overs and Narration", "Dialogue", and "Studio Production for Radio and Television". Material related to sound design is in chapters headed "Sound Design", "Sound Effects", and "Music Underscoring". The subject of mixing is grouped into three chapters, "Mixing: An Overview", "Music Mixdown", and "Premixing and Rerecording for Television and Film".
  • Several chapters have been reorganized to improve coherence, and, where appropriate, all chapters have been revised for currency and substance.
  • A number of chapters include new examples of creative approaches and production techniques. The Ninth Edition also includes more than one hundred new and revised illustrations.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Stanley R. Alten

Stanley R. Alten teaches audio production, TV/film aesthetics, writing, and criticism. Before joining the Syracuse University faculty, he worked in radio and television as a producer, writer, sound designer, performer, and station manager in numerous markets, including Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. He also has many film and record production credits and continues to be professionally active through his own production company. Alten is an internationally recognized authority in sound production. He is the author of AUDIO IN MEDIA, the leading audio-production text in North America for more than two decades. The book has been translated into Spanish, Korean, German, and Chinese. Recently, Alten authored a brief version of it titled AUDIO BASICS, also published with Cengage Learning. Other writing credits include AUDIO AND MEDIA: THE RECORDING STUDIO, which focuses on music recording. He also has written many articles for the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RADIO, WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA (for which he served as audio editor), and the INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EDUCATION, 2nd Edition. He has been honored for teaching excellence by the Outstanding Educators of America, Alpha Epsilon Rho, and the National Science Foundation.