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C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation, 1st Edition

  • Daniel Schuller
  • ISBN-10: 1435455568  |  ISBN-13: 9781435455566
  • 488 Pages
  • © 2011 | Published
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Even experienced game development students sometimes have a hard time making their vision for a great game a reality. The number of available programming languages, libraries, and production methods can make the development process overwhelming and result in complicated, unreliable game code. C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation shows student game programmers how to write simple, clean, and reliable code step-by-step through the creation of a basic game. The game is built using C#, a high-level programming language, and OpenGL, an industry favorite for graphics display. Students will get an overview of the methods and libraries used to build good games, learn how to use those libraries and create your own, and finally build your own scrolling shooter game. They'll even find tips and information on how to develop your own game ideas and you'll have an excellent code base to work with. C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation provides students with all the information they need to take their game ideas from concept to completion.

Features and Benefits

  • Written for experienced programmers who want to learn how to create games using C#.
  • Skills are taught using hands-on exercises that lead to the creation of two sample games.
  • The accompanying CD-Rom features all the source code and game assets used in the book.

Table of Contents

1. C# Brief Overview and Latest Features.
2. OpenGL Brief Overview.
3. Tao Brief Overview.
4. Modern Methods.
5. Basics.
6. Games.
7. Accelerated 2D Graphics.
8. Math.
9. 2D Space Game.
10. 3D Battlezone-Type Game.
Part IV: Your Game.
11. Overview of Game Genres.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Daniel Schuller

Daniel Schuller is a British-born computer game developer who has worked and lived in America, Singapore, Japan, and is currently working in the United Kingdom. He has released games on the PC as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. He has developed games for Sony, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, RedBull, and Wizards of the Coast, and maintains a game development website at http://www.godpatterns.com. In addition to developing computer games, Daniel also studies Japanese and is interested in Artificial Intelligence, cognition, and the use of games in education.