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The Art and Science of Livestock Evaluation, 1st Edition

  • Ray V. Herren University of Georgia, Athens (Emeritus)
  • ISBN-10: 1428335927  |  ISBN-13: 9781428335929
  • 576 Pages
  • © 2010 | Published
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THE ART AND SCIENCE OF LIVESTOCK EVALUATION is designed for students studying livestock selection. The main objective of the book is to provide instruction and evaluation on swine, cattle, horses and sheep, with separate chapters supplying current information on the various species of livestock. Information is also included that instructs students on how to compete in and judge competition. The aim is to help students develop the necessary skills to evaluate positive and negative traits such as structural fitness, body fat, muscling, and all the other many qualities used to appraise animals. Chapters are also included that deal with selecting livestock using performance data, and how to evaluate animals based upon live observations and recorded data. The text is also loaded with detailed images and illustrations that provide students with sharp visual examples of normal and abnormal animal traits.

Features and Benefits

  • The text is geared toward students who are beginners at livestock evaluation.
  • The book covers all the information needed to compete in a livestock judging contest.
  • Sharp full color illustrations of both desirable and undesirable characteristics are featured consistently throughout the book.
  • Real examples of oral reasons and proper terminology are included.
  • Strategies for successful competition of the various types of livestock are clearly discussed.

Table of Contents

1. Selecting Livestock : Art or Science?
2. Placing Live Classes of Animals.
3. Presenting Oral Reasons.
4. Selecting Breeding Swine.
5. The Selection of Market Swine.
6. Using Performance Data and Expected Progeny Differences in Swine.
7. Selecting Breeding Cattle.
8. Evaluating and Grading Market Beef Animals.
9. Evaluating Performance Data for Beef Cattle.
10. Selecting Breeding Sheep.
11. Selecting Market Sheep.
12. Wool Judging.
13. Evaluating Sheep Performance Data.
14. Horse Judging: Anatomy, Terminology, and Rules.
15. Judging the Halter Class - Evaluating Conformation.
16. Riding Classes.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ray V. Herren

Dr. Ray V. Herren has been actively involved in agriculture for most of his life. He grew up on a diversified farm, where he played a major role in the production of livestock. He obtained a bachelor of science degree in agricultural education from Auburn University, a master's degree in agribusiness education from Alabama A & M, and a doctorate in vocational education (with an emphasis in agricultural education) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Herren has taught at Gaylesville High School, Virginia Tech, Oregon State University, and the University of Georgia in Athens, where he recently retired as head of the Department of Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communication. In addition to serving as national president in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni organization, he has served on numerous committees from the local to international level, including a national task force to develop FFA programs for middle school and the national committee for career development events. His prolific scholarly activity includes 26 journal articles, 51 invited or refereed presentations, and 12 books and manuals. He has also earned several awards for his commitment to service, including induction into the Georgia Agricultural Teacher Hall of Fame and UGA's prestigious College of Education Outstanding Teaching Award.