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Design Fundamentals for New Media, 2nd Edition

  • James Gordon Bennett
  • ISBN-10: 1133131131  |  ISBN-13: 9781133131137
  • 416 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2005
  • © 2013 | Published
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Fundamental design principles will always remain the same, but the digital technology that can support them is evolving and affecting their application in a profound way. In this unique and timely book, artist and educator James Bennett explores essential elements of design within the context of the "new media" reality in which today's designers learn and work. With a brand new design and dozens of striking new images, this new edition covers extensive updates to digital technology including interactive media, web color and typography, and designing for mobile devices. Combining timeless principles with cutting-edge technology in a smart, visually rich, full-color package, DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS FOR NEW MEDIA, Second Edition, provides a thorough and engaging introduction to modern applications of essential design techniques.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • Combines comprehensive coverage with a concise, reader-friendly style, intuitive organization, and visually appealing layout, making it both highly informative and enjoyable to read.
  • Clearly explains a wide range of concepts vital for designing with new media, and rich illustrations throughout the text showcase noteworthy practical applications of the concepts.
  • A "Special Issues" feature highlights areas of concern for new media designers, such as points where traditional design conventions differ from common new media practices.
  • Interviews and behind-the-scenes stories in "A Designer's Tale" features provide illuminating glimpses into the practical side of real-world new media design.
  • In addition to serving as a uniquely effective introductory guide for students, the text's clear concepts and vivid illustrations make it a valuable resource for professional designers, who can consult it for both inspirational ideas and practical advice.

Table of Contents

1. Being a New Media Designer.
2. The Design Process.
3. Space.
4. Line.
5. Shape.
6. Value.
7. Texture.
8. Color.
9. Using Color.
10. Composition and Layout.
11. Balance.
12. Perspective.
13. Repetition and Rhythm.
14. Association.
15. Abstraction.
16. Style.
17. Emphasis.
18. Type.
19. Time.
20. Interactivity.
21. Incorporating Additional Media.

What's New

  • Extensive updates of conceptual material and expanded coverage of digital media content and its relationship to new and evolving technology, such as designing for mobile devices.
  • With a brand new design and dozens of new full color images, this new edition has hundreds of examples of concepts that are vital to designing with new media.
  • A new CourseMate interactive learning resource features compelling demonstrations of design techniques for new media to help students understand and appreciate key concepts from the text and their diverse applications.
  • New advanced end of chapter exercises will challenege students and explore topics of interest in great depth to further their understanding.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"This book hits all of the major concepts I like to use in future advanced classes. I have not been able to find another one comparable that covers so much information."

— Gabe Oakley, University of Northwestern Ohio


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

James Gordon Bennett

For nearly two decades, James Gordon Bennett has been intricately involved with the marriage of design and technology as both a designer and educator. He currently serves as Dean of Instructional Technology at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa. Bennett has done extensive work at the highly experimental Arts and Technology Lab at the University of South Florida, has been a media consultant for a number of high-profile clients, and has served as a curriculum consultant and subject matter expert for several colleges. In addition to his teaching and consulting work, Bennett has published extensively on design and media and has seen his artwork featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions across the United States.