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The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists, 1st Edition

  • Steve Capellini
  • ISBN-10: 1418000140  |  ISBN-13: 9781418000141
  • 718 Pages
  • © 2010 | Published
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The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists is specifically for massage therapy students who want to succeed in the spa industry, whether as an employee or an owner of their own spa. It is the only book that includes extensive information about real-world working conditions in actual spas, with an enormous amount of feedback from working spa directors and owners regarding what they are looking for in employees. Beyond giving explanations and step-by-step instructions regarding a wide range of spa modalities, the book offers an in-depth look at topics that many other resources do not cover.

Features and Benefits

  • Specifically targets massage therapists only.
  • Educational components such as review questions and glossary are customized for this audience to create the optimal learning experience.
  • Shows therapists how to get a job in the spa industry, how to be the best employee, how to effectively retail spa products and how to open and run a small spa.
  • Includes information about real-world “Hydrotherapy for the 21st Century,” Based on feedback from working spa owners and directors at top properties so readers will learn what actual employers want them to know increasing their employability.
  • Offers profiles of real-life professionals in the spa industry.

Table of Contents

Part I. Spa History and Development.
1. In the Beginning—Spas’ Watery Roots.
2. Spas in the Modern Age.
3. Spa Equipment & Facilities.
Part II. Hydrotherapy for the 21st Century: WATER-BASED SPA TREATMENTS.
4. Bath and Shower Techniques.
5. Heat & Cold Applications.
6. Exfoliation.
7. Thalassotherapy.
8. Body Wraps.
9. Spa Massage.
10. Stone Therapy.
11. Aromatherapy.
12. Advanced Modalities.
13. Esthetic Modalities for the LMT.
14. Finding Spa Work.
15. Becoming a Valuable Spa Employee.
16. Spa Retailing for Massage Therapists.
17. Opening a Therapeutic Spa.
18. Spa Operations.
Key Terms.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Steve Capellini

Steve Capellini is a therapist, trainer, traveling consultant and writer. He has successfully organized and trained massage staffs in several cities and leads spa training workshops and seminars across the nation. He has been an instructor at several massage schools and has is own private therapeutic practice in Miami, Florida.