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Practical Administrative Law for Paralegals, 1st Edition

  • Anne M. Cohen, J.D. Staff Counsel, Massachusetts Appeals Court; Adjunct Professor, Bay Path College
  • ISBN-10: 0314065059  |  ISBN-13: 9780314065056
  • 463 Pages
  • © 1996 | Published
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This practical, paralegal-specific text takes an applied approach to administrative law. Chapter-opening vignettes and two case studies used throughout the text illustrate how concepts apply to real world situations. Excerpts of legislation, statutes, and sample rules allow students to read the actual law and original material. Sample documents, sample pages from research sources, and other illustrations provide examples of materials with which students will need to be familiar. Exercises help students apply chapter material by performing paralegal tasks. Edited cases at the end of each chapter illustrate chapter concepts and most are discussed within the chapter.

Features and Benefits

  • * Takes a very practical, applied approach to administrative law for paralegals. In addition to the thorough coverage of selected legislation, statutes, rules, and sample documents, the author provides actual case studies and real world chapter-opening scenarios to bring
  • * Two real case studies are used throughout the text to provide students continuity in selected assignments and allows them to experience and apply administrative law: Leah A., a social security case, is introduced in Chapter 1, and Anthony Adams, an employment termination case, is introduced in Chapter 11.
  • * Chapter-opening Vignettes draw students into each chapter with a story of a personUs experience with administrative agencies. For example, KeithUs attempt to retire from the Navy for service-connected disability (Chapter 3).
  • * Excerpts of legislation, statutes, sample rules, and edited cases give students practice reading the law: An example of a social security disability interpretive rule is found in Chapter 6.; the U.S. Implied Consent for Drug Testing Act is found in Chapter 7.
  • * Sample documents, sample pages from research sources, and other illustrations show students forms that they will need to complete and sources with which they need to be familiar: An example of a Privacy Act complaint from the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Michigan is found in Chapter 7

Table of Contents

Delegation and Limitations on Agency Authority.
Due Process of Law.
Agency Informal Action.
Rule Making.
Acquiring and Disclosing Information.
Adjudication I: How it Works.
II: Agency Decision Makers and Decisions.
Judicial Review I: Avalability.
Judical Review II: Standards and Scope.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Anne M. Cohen, J.D.

Anne M. Cohen is a Staff Counsel for the Massachusetts Appeals Court. She is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAFPE), Citations Editor for AAFPE Journal, a reporter for Paralegal Educator, and Distinguished Teacher Award. She is also a member of Distance Education and Central Task Force. She is an Instructor for Flaschner Inst.