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The Wadsworth Anthology of Drama, Brief Edition, 6th Edition

  • W.B. Worthen University of California, Berkeley
  • ISBN-10: 1428288155  |  ISBN-13: 9781428288157
  • 1104 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2007, 2002
  • © 2011 | Published
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The sixth edition of the THE WADSWORTH ANTHOLOGY OF DRAMA, BRIEF, 6E, builds upon the strengths and success of previous editions and offers a comprehensive collection of classic theater and contemporary drama from around the world. The Wadsworth Anthology of Drama presents drama in two important contexts: in the play's original theater and the society that sustained it as well as in our culture, where the play continues to live both as literature and theatrical performance.

Features and Benefits

  • The most comprehensive coverage of World theater, American theater, and Modern European theater: THE WADSWORTH ANTHOLOGY OF DRAMA, BRIEF SIXTH EDITION continues to provide the boldest, most diverse, and most distinctive introduction to drama available.
  • Distinctive features for putting drama in context: The first introduction to drama to situate plays within their geographical and historical context, THE WADSWORTH ANTHOLOGY OF DRAMA, BRIEF SIXTH EDITION continues to help introductory students make sense of drama in a variety of ways with these useful and engaging features: in depth discussions of literary and cultural history, "Aside" boxes in every chapter that focus on particular contexts, thorough, student-friendly introductions to every play, and biographical headnotes about every author.
  • "Reading the Material Theater" visual exercises. In every chapter, these unique visual exercises helps deepen students' understanding of theater history by inviting them to consider how artifacts from the time relate to the plays in the chapter and the periods in which they were written.
  • Engaging photos and illustrations throughout the book help students situate the plays they read within their historical and cultural context.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Drama, Theater, and Culture.
Reading Drama and Seeing Theater. Drama and Theater in History. Dramatic Genres. Dramatic Form. The Stage in Critical Practice. Interpreting the Mterial Past.
Aside: Roman Drama and Theater. Reading the Material Theater: Pronomos Painter. Sophocles, Oedipus the King. Euripides, Medea. Plautus, The Brothers Menaechmus. Critical Contexts: Aristotle, from The Poetics. Horace, from On the Art of Poetry.
Aside: Sanskrit Drama and Theater. Reading the Material Theater: A Portrait of Seki Sanjuro II. Kan''ami Kiyotsugu, Matsukaze. Nakamura Matagoro II and James R. Brandon, adaptors, Chushingura: The Forty-Seven Samurai. Critical Contexts: Zeami Motokiyo, from A Mirror Held to the Flower.
Aside: The Jacobean Court Masque. Reading the Material Theater: Titus Andronicus title page. Anonymous, The York Crucifixion. William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream. William Shakespeare, Hamlet. Critical Contexts: Sir Philip Sidney, from Apology for Poetry.
Aside: Commedia Dell'' Arte. Reading the Material Theater: Betterton''s acting style. Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Life Is a Dream. Moliére, Tartuffe. Aphra Behn, The Rover. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Loa to The Divine Narcissus. Critical Contexts: John Dryden, Preface to Troilus and Cressida, Containing the Grounds of Criticism in Tragedy.
Aside: Melodrama. Reading the Material Theater: Ibsen's Notes for the Modern Tragedy. Henrik Ibsen, A Doll''s House.Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi. August Strindberg, A Dream Play. Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara. Bertolt Brecht, Mother Courage and Her Children. Samuel Beckett, Endgame. Caryl Churchill, Cloud Nine. Critical Contexts: Friedrich Nietzsche, from The Birth of Tragedy. Émile Zola, from Naturalism in the Theatre. Constantin Stanislavski, from "Direction and Acting". Bertolt Brecht, "The Street Scene". Antonin Artaud, from The Theater and Its Double.
Aside: The Federal Theater Project. Aside: Performance Art. Reading the Material Theater: "A Jury of Her Peers," by Susan Glaspell. Susan Glaspell, Trifles. Sophie Treadwell, Machinal. Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie. Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman. Amiri Barake / LeRoi Jones, Dutchman. Luis Valdez, Los vendidos. David Henry Hwang, M. Butterfly. Tony Kushner, Angels in America, Part 1: Milennium Approaches. Anna Deavere Smith, Fires in the Mirror. Critical Contexts: Arthur Miller, Tragedy and the Common Man. Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones, "The Revolutionary Theatre".
Aside: Intercultural Performance. Reading the Material Theater: Program Notes for Translations. Griselda Gambaro, Information for Foreigners. Wole Soyinka, Death and the King's Horseman. Brian Friel, Translations. Gao Xingjian, The Other Shore. Tomson Highway, Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing. Manjula Padmanabhan, Harvest. Critical Contexts: Frantz Fanon, from "The Fact of Blackness." Augusto Boal, from Theatre of the Oppressed. Helen Gilbert and Joanne Tompkins, from Post-Colonial Drama.
List of Illustrations and Photographs.

What's New

  • A NEW SECTION ON THE THEATER OF CLASSIC ROME includes Platus' The Brothers Menaechmus.
  • INCLUSION OF SHAKESPEARE's Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

W.B. Worthen

W. B. Worthen, Alice Brady Pels Professor in the Arts, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Theater at Barnard College, Columbia University. He is the author of Shakespeare and the Force of Modern Performance (Cambridge University Press, 2003) Shakespeare and the Authority of Performance (Cambridge University Press, 1997), Modern Drama and the Rhetoric of Theater (University of California Press, 1992), The Idea of the Actor: Drama and the Ethics of Performance (Princeton University Press, 1984), Modern Drama: Plays, Criticism, Theory (Wadsworth, 1995), and of many articles on modern drama, Shakespeare, and theories of performance. Professor Worthen received his B. A. in English from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and his Ph.D. in English from Princeton University, and has held research fellowships form the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment of the Humanities. He is past editor of Theatre Journal and current coeditor of Modern Drama.