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An Introduction to Java Programming and Object-Oriented Application Development, 1st Edition

  • Richard Johnson
  • ISBN-10: 0619217464  |  ISBN-13: 9780619217464
  • 760 Pages
  • © 2007 | Published
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This text covers what students need to know about basic Java programming in a clear, straight-forward writing style.

Features and Benefits

  • Teaches basic structured programming using Java and then presents a complete and logical development of object-orientation using Java.
  • Explains concepts first, then introduces applications to support the theory so students may explore how Java can be used in real-world object-oriented application development.
  • Includes headings for "Learn the Concepts" and "Apply the Concepts" that clearly identify and modularize discussions of major topics.
  • Contains easy to read chapters that will not intimidate new programmers, offering clear, logical explanation of Java programming and understandable object-oriented development in a sequential format.
  • Includes JDK 5.0 and jGRASP software on CD.

Table of Contents

1. Computers, Programming, and Application Development
2. Fundamentals of Java Programming
3. Making Decisions with Java
4. Repeating Program Statements
5. Methods and Classes
6. Arrays
7. Characters, Strings and Formatting
8. Exceptions and Assertions
9. File Input and Output
10. Graphical User Interfaces
11. Object-Oriented Application Development: Part I
12. Object-Oriented Application Development: Part II
13. An Introduction to the UML
14. An Introduction to the Unified Process

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Richard Johnson

Richard A. Johnson is Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems at Missouri State University. Richard has taught Management Information Systems, Operating Systems, Networking, Visual Basic and Java programming, and Web application development for the past ten years. Richard is also the author of Java Programming and Object-Oriented Application Development also published by Thomson Course Technology.