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The New Global Brands: Managing Non-Government Organizations in the 21st Century, 1st Edition

  • John A. Quelch Harvard Business School
  • Nathalie Laidler-Kylander The Fletcher School, Tufts University
  • ISBN-10: 032432023X  |  ISBN-13: 9780324320237
  • 324 Pages
  • © 2006 | Published
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THE NEW GLOBAL BRANDS: MANAGING NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS IN THE 21ST CENTURY includes twelve Harvard Business School cases involving not-for-profit agencies and how these agencies establish brand identities worldwide. Agencies include Doctors Without Borders, Peace Winds Japan, CARE USA, and Oxfam America. Professors Quelch and Laidler examine these aid agencies in terms of their success or struggles with traditional marketing issues such as establishing brand identity, identifying the organizational mission, communicating brand meaning, and leveraging brand values.

Table of Contents

Introduction PART 1. Mission and Strategy. Case 1: Starting Out:Peace Winds Japan. Case 2: Redefining Mission:Amnesty International. Case 3: Mission, Strategy and Organization:Oxfam America. PART 2: Progress and Performance. Case 4: Managing Organic Growth:BRAC. Case 5: Growing Through Partnering:ACCION International. Case 6: Assessing Performance:International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. PART 3: Brand Meaning. Case 7: Understanding Brand Meaning:UNICEF. Case 8: Communicating Brand Meaning:CARE USA. Case 9: Managing Dual Brands:The BRAC and Aarong Commercial Brands. PART 4: Brand Value. Case 10: Assessing Brand Value: Habitat for Humanity International:Brand Valuation. Case 11: Leveraging Brand Value:WWF. Case 12:Sustaining Brand Value: Médecins Sans Frontières.

Efficacy and Outcomes


“This book highlights the successes and challenges confronting some of the world’s leading and most trusted not-for-profit organizations.”

— The Honorable Timothy E. Wirth

"Contains vital information and insight about global NGO’s, and ought to be required reading for major companies interested in being first class corporate citizens."

— Stanley S. Litow

"Public policy makers and corporate leaders will find this book an essential guide to how NGOs think, what they care about and how to work more effectively with them."

— George F. Baker, Jr.

"A timely review of the emerging prominence of NGOs as global agents of conscience and change."

— Robert Davies

"A unique and significant collection of case studies on global not-for-profit organizations."

— Babar Ali

Meet the Author

Author Bio

John A. Quelch

Dr. John A. Quelch is Senior Associate Dean for International Development and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Between 1998 and 2001 he was Dean of London Business School. Prior to 1998, he was the Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing and Co-Chair of the Marketing Area at Harvard Business School. Dr. Quelch is a long-standing student of global marketing and branding in emerging as well as developed markets. Professor Quelch is the author, co-author or editor of twenty books, including The Global Market (2004), Global Marketing Management (4th edition, 1999), Cases in Advertising and Promotion Management (4th Edition, 1996) and The Marketing Challenge of Europe 1992 (2nd edition, 1991). He has published over fifty articles on marketing and public policy issues in leading management journals such as Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly and Sloan Management Review. Dr. Quelch serves as a non-executive director of WPP Group plc, the world's second largest marketing services company. Since 2002, Professor Quelch has served pro bono as Chairman of the Port Authority of Massachusetts, serves as a non-executive director of Accion International, a leading microfinance lender, and is a member of the International Advisory Board of British-American Business Inc. He has consulted to over fifty leading firms including American Airlines, Apple Computer, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Fidelity Investments, General Electric, Gillette, Hoffman LaRoche, Honeywell, IBM, Novartis and Procter & Gamble. Professor Quelch was born in London, England, was educated at Exeter College, Oxford University (BA and MA), the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (MBA), the Harvard School of Public Health (MS) and Harvard Business School (DBA).

Nathalie Laidler-Kylander

Nathalie Laidler-Kylander is a PhD candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University. She graduated from University College, London, and Harvard Business School and worked previously for Medecins Sans Frontieres.