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Cases in Financial Management, 1st Edition

  • Eugene F. Brigham University of Florida
  • Chris Buzzard University of Florida
  • ISBN-10: 032430725X  |  ISBN-13: 9780324307252
  • 105 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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These cases are designed to be used in advanced undergraduate corporate finance courses or Graduate/MBA corporate finance courses. They are available bound as one casebook through January 2005, they are also available online to create your own custom casebook at http://www.textchoice2.com.

Table of Contents

1. Valuation. 2. Risk Analysis. 3. Bond Valuation. 4. Stock Valuation. 5. Cost of Capital. 6. Capital Budgeting: Basic Analysis. 7. Capital Budgeting: Risk and Real Options. 8. Capital Structure. 9. Dividends and Repurchases. 10. Financial Forecasting. 11. Working Capital Management. 12. Leasing. 13. Mergers. 14. Venture Capital. 15. Valuation: a Court Case.


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Instructor Supplements

Excel Models for Cases (One Year)  (ISBN-10: 0324318731 | ISBN-13: 9780324318739)

Excel templates for case problems.

Excel Models for Cases (Two Year)  (ISBN-10: 032431874X | ISBN-13: 9780324318746)

Excel templates for case problems.

Solutions for Cases (One Year)  (ISBN-10: 0324318715 | ISBN-13: 9780324318715)

Case solutions to end of case questions.

Solutions to Cases (Two Year)  (ISBN-10: 0324318723 | ISBN-13: 9780324318722)

Case solutions to end of case questions.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Eugene F. Brigham

Dr. Eugene F. Brigham is Graduate Research Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, where he has taught since 1971. Dr. Brigham received his M.B.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California-Berkeley and his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina. Prior to joining the University of Florida, Dr. Brigham held teaching positions at the University of Connecticut, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of California-Los Angeles. Dr. Brigham has served as president of the Financial Management Association and has written many journal articles on the cost of capital, capital structure, and other aspects of financial management. He has authored or co-authored ten textbooks on managerial finance and managerial economics that are used at more than 1,000 universities in the United States and have been translated into 11 languages worldwide. He has testified as an expert witness in numerous electric, gas, and telephone rate cases at both federal and state levels. He has served as a consultant to many corporations and government agencies, including the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the U.S. Office of Telecommunications Policy, and the RAND Corporation. Dr. Brigham continues to teach, consult, and complete research in addition to his academic writing. He spends his spare time on the golf course, enjoying time with his family and dogs, and tackling outdoor adventure activities, such as biking through Alaska.

Chris Buzzard

Chris Buzzard is a graduate student at the University of Florida who has worked with Dr. Brigham on his series of finance textbooks.