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Contract Law for Paralegals, 1st Edition

  • Melinda Thomas John F. Kennedy University School of Law
  • ISBN-10: 0314201807  |  ISBN-13: 9780314201805
  • 350 Pages
  • © 1997 | Published
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The applied, practical approach to contract law in a briefer, less expensive paperback text presents this challenging material in a non-intimidating style. Hypothetical scenarios and sample contracts are used throughout each chapter to illustrate concepts. Two to three edited cases per chapter with follow-up questions. Practical research and drafting assignments give students experience with tasks they will perform on the job.

Features and Benefits

  • Contract Law for Paralegals is an applied, practical approach to contract law in a briefer, less expensive paperback text.
  • This challenging material is presented in a non-intimidating style. The author's clear, concise writing style and use of frequent examples put the student at ease.
  • Learning Objectives provide a point-by-point overview of the main concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Hypothetical examples illustrate the concepts in each chapter. Selected examples are followed by questions for students to consider. Numerous examples are used in every chapter.
  • Notes provide an in-depth view of selected chapter topics such as the Duty of Good Faith.* Remember sections contain brief but key points to keep in mind while learning the material.* Edited cases (2 to 3 per chapter) support and enhance chapter concepts. Questions follow each case to help stu

Table of Contents

PART I: THE FORMATION PROCESS. 1. Finding Out What Law Applies to the Contract. 2. The Nature of Agreement. 3. The Nature of Acceptance. 4. The Nature of Consideration. 5. Determining and Interpreting the Terms of the Contract. PART II: CONTRACT PERFORMANCE. 6. Performance and Breach of Contract. 7. Excuse and Discharge of Contractual Obligations. PART III: CONTRACT DEFENSES. 8. Defenses to Formation and Enforcement. 9. Defenses to Formation and Enforcement That Relate to Public Policy and Societal Controls. 10. Defenses to Formation and Enforcement: The Statute of Frauds. PART IV: CONTRACT REMEDIES. 11. Contract Remedies. PART V: THIRD PARTY RIGHTS. 12. Assignment and Delegation. Third Party Beneficiaries.