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New Perspectives on Microsoft® Expression® Web 3: Introductory, 1st Edition

  • Henry Bojack Farmingdale State College
  • ISBN-10: 0538746750  |  ISBN-13: 9780538746755
  • 456 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2008
  • © 2011 | Published
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NEW PERSPECTIVES ON MICROSOFT EXPRESSION WEB 3.0 offers a critical-thinking approach to teaching Web design within the Expression Studio suite. This text explains and reinforces Expression Web concepts through the New Perspectives' signature case-based, problem-solving pedagogy. Students will learn how to design and maintain Web pages with Microsoft's WYSIWYG Expression Web 3.0 software.

Features and Benefits

  • A case based, problem-solving approach to creating Web pages covers the functions an features of the Microsoft Expression Web 3.0 software.
  • InSight boxes offer expert advice and best practices to help students achieve a better understanding of the concepts behind the software.
  • Tip feature provides hints for more efficient use of the software.
  • Reference Windows provide succinct summaries and step-by-step instructions on how to perform a specific task.

Table of Contents

Tutorial 1: Getting Started.
Tutorial 2: Formatting Text.
Tutorial 3: Formatting with CSS.
Tutorial 4: Working with Images.
Tutorial 5: Working with Hyperlinks.
Tutorial 6: Creating Interactivity.
Appendices A-F.
Task Reference.

What's New

  • Visual Overview – a two-page spread at the start of each tutorial – gives a visual look at the tasks and elements covered in the tutorial and can be used as a study guide before quizzes and tests.
  • ProSkills boxes tie design concepts with career relevancy by providing guidance on how to use the software in professional situations.
  • ProSkills Exercises integrate technology skills with professional skills, further grounding concepts in reality. ProSkills exercises include topics such as teamwork, written communication, verbal communication, problem solving, and decision making.
  • Key Steps highlight important points to help students pay close attention to completing the step correctly and avoiding time-consuming rework.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Henry Bojack

Professor Henry Bojack has been teaching at the college level for more than 25 years. He is currently the Acting Chair of the Business and Management of Technology Department at Farmingdale State College in Long Island, NY. Professor Bojack is a past winner of the Farmingdale Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence. He teaches courses in Office applications. Management Information Systems, and Web page authoring.