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Seeking Food Rights: Nation, Inequality and Repression in Uzbekistan, 1st Edition

  • Nancy R. Rosenberger Oregon State University
  • ISBN-10: 1111301492  |  ISBN-13: 9781111301491
  • 192 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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Rosenberger’s case study focuses on food systems to Central Asia and Uzbekistan, ultimately awakening readers to the fact that how we share food in our households, communities, nations, and the world fundamentally shapes and reshapes the contours of the globe for its lands and its peoples. Rosenberger describes her aims as multifold: to introduce readers to Uzbekistan, a country in a region where political and economic currents challenge us to reach a better understanding; to give readers practice in thinking intensively through the meaning of food rights in a certain time and place; and, to use food systems as a means of alerting readers to channels for considering power differences (whether based on class, ethnic, gender, or politics) that exist within a nation. Upon completion of the book, readers will be stimulated to think more deeply about our food systems on local and global levels.

Features and Benefits

  • SEEKING FOOD RIGHTS: NATION, INEQUALITY AND REPRESSION IN UZBEKISTAN is written in a dialogic and personalized style that makes it easily accessible for readers new to anthropology.
  • The book introduces readers to a country that is in a part of the world--just north of Afghanistan and Iran--where political and economic currents challenge us to reach a better understanding.
  • Chapter 2, “Creating Uzbekistan: Historical Struggles,” provides necessary background information on Uzbekistan’s past and present: from Amir Timur’s as a national hero, to its current status as a country now independent from the former Soviet Union.
  • Through its discussion of food systems, the book explores such broader themes as class, gender, ethnicity, nationalism, and religion.
  • A comparative chapter about food in the United States reveals that both countries deal with very similar questions about control over food systems and the resulting inequalities in the quantity and kind of food that we consume, and that economic and social links cross Uzbekistan’s borders, even to the United States.
  • Readers practice in thinking through the meaning of food rights in a certain time and place: Uzbekistan in 2005. Such an intensive investigation in one part of the world can teach us a great deal about understanding the relationships that occur in other parts of the world among the nation, its use of its land, its place in global trade, and the variations among its people as they grow, buy, cook, and eat their food in myriad households and communities.

Table of Contents

1. Tashkent Chill.
2. Creating Uzbekistan: Historical Struggles.
3. Urban Class Differences and Food Security.
4. Rural Differences and Food Sovereignty.
5. Women, Relationships, and Food.
6. Ethnicity, Food and Nationalism.
7. Region and Religion: Hunger, Protest, and Violence.
8. Low-income, Food Security, and Food Sovereignty in America.
9. Conclusion.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Nancy R. Rosenberger

Nancy Rosenberger earned her PhD from University of Michigan in 1984. She has an extensive list of publications to her credit and has done field work throughout Central and Eastern Asia - Korea and Japan, in addition to Uzbekistan.