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Modern Human Relations at Work, 11th Edition

  • Kathryn W. Hegar Mountain View College
  • ISBN-10: 0538481064  |  ISBN-13: 9780538481069
  • 656 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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With its balanced mix of theory and practice, as well as current coverage of emerging trends and topics, MODERN HUMAN RELATIONS AT WORK is a pre-eminent textbook for introducing students and novice practitioners to the field. Author Kathryn W. Hegar provides many practical examples and techniques, as well as experiential and application-oriented exercises to show how human relations concepts and skills can increase productivity and job satisfaction in the workplace. The 11th edition's 14 chapters are brimming with self-assessment and self-study tools. The course material flows from the human element to the work environment and then focuses on the methods and techniques for achieving an effective fit between people and organizational systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Because human relations in the workplace is such a broad field encompassing so many topics, MODERN HUMAN RELATIONS AT WORK has been logically organized and structured into a logical flow that moves from the human element to the work environment and then to methods by which to achieve an effective fit between people and organizational systems. The six parts of the book are: the foundation of human relations, social systems, technical systems, administrative systems, behavioral effectiveness, and human relations challenges in the future.
  • In each chapter, an "In Action" box illustrates the practical application of chapter concepts. These concepts have been organized into three categories: Human Relations In Action, Cultural Diversity In Action, and Ethics and Social Responsibility In Action. All of these boxes address current issues and challenges for the future.
  • Two types of self-examination exercises are included within every chapter. The "Time Out" boxes encourage readers to engage more deeply in the topics and to gain personal insights. Periodic "Check Your Understanding" exercises ensure that students comprehend the material before moving on to the next section.
  • Each chapter ends with a section called Career Advisor. This valuable material will help students develop and enhance their career-building skills. Among the topics addressed are: choosing a career, finding a job, preparing a resume, interviewing, managing a career, and managing stress effectively.

Table of Contents

1. The Nature of Human Relations.
2. Fundamentals of Motivation.
3. Individual Behavior.
4. Group Behavior.
5. The Informal Organization.
6. Technology and People at Work.
7. Productivity and Quality Improvement.
8. Job Redesign and Job Enrichment.
Part IV: The Administrative System.
9. Fundamentals of Leadership.
10. Developing, Appraising, and Rewarding Employees.
11. Communicating for Effectiveness.
12. Managing Conflict and Change.
13. Human Relations in Global Business.
14. Human Relations Challenges of the Future.
Subject Index.

What's New

  • New material addresses emerging trends and topics, including the recent economic crisis and how to manage in uncertain times. Other highlighted updates include: retired people returning to work, workplace violence, temporary workers, the glass ceiling, executive compensation, incentive programs, generational differences, emotional intelligence, new trends in job hunting, creativity and innovation, teams and team building, networking, job interviews, new technologies and social networking, productivity, absenteeism, alternative work schedules such as flextime and job sharing, coaching, career building, leadership, employee recognition, multitasking, employee candidate screening, talent management, workforce preparation, new thoughts on goal setting, using technology in the workplace, handling negative feedback, public speaking skills, assisting employees with coping with problems, outsourcing, fostering employee loyalty, diversity, ethical trends, and "green" issues.
  • Updated examples and cases keep the course content current. Companies highlighted include both familiar and lesser-known names, such as HP, the Waidley Company, the Coca-Cola Company, Air France, EX-MAN Company, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., Starbucks, Google, BroadwayBank, FedEx, Southwest Airlines, Butler Community College, Hyatt, GE, Wal-Mart, Chevron, Caterpillar, Inc., DecisionWise, Jesclon Group, Space-Management Company, Whole Foods Markets, Burger King, McDonald's, IBM, The Walt Disney Company, GM, Roxling, Inc., and Ford.
  • A new end-of-chapter exercise called Connecting to the Real World keeps the course content relevant, real, and current by driving students to use the internet to develop skills. These assignments can be done individually or in teams. Topics covered include: ethics in the classroom, using recognition as an employee motivator, Spraunger's value model, risk taking, the value of networking, addressing workplace violence, problem solving, the role of a leader, pursuing your next degree, communication skills, coping with change, working for a multinational corporation, and more.
  • This edition now includes a set of short 5- to 8-minute video clips that feature real-world applications of the theories presented in the book. Numi Teas, Evo Gear, Recycline, and Flight 001 are just some of the companies represented in these videos.
  • A revamped Test Bank offers more challenging applications-based questions as well as fact-recall questions.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Kathryn W. Hegar

Dr. Kathryn W. Hegar, Professor of Management at Mountain View College, has taught courses in management since 1970. She is the recipient of many distinguished awards, including Collegiate Teacher of the Year, Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year, Minnie Stevens Piper Professorship Award nominee, and Innovator of the Year. She has authored 30 programs for IT'S EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS, the pioneering business telecourse that was used for more than 10 years by colleges across the country and in the military services. She initiated the development of self-paced courses in management at Mountain View College; piloted the first online course in organizational behavior for the Dallas County Community College District, which ultimately resulted in the District offering a degree online; and instructed management courses online, including organizational behavior, from distant locations. In addition she conducted workshops and training seminars in supervision and management for major companies. She has participated in and held offices in professional organizations at all levels and has served as the president of the United States Chapter of the International Society for Business Education, which meets in a different country each year.