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Public Policymaking, 8th Edition

  • James E. Anderson Texas A&M University
  • ISBN-10: 1285735285  |  ISBN-13: 9781285735283
  • 384 Pages
  • © 2015 | Published
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To explain the fundamentals of public policy, this best-selling text focuses on the process behind the crafting of legislation. By examining the individual steps-from identifying a problem, to agenda setting, to evaluation, revision, or termination of a policy-students are able to see how different factors influence the creation of policy. Each chapter features at least one case study that illustrates how general ideas are applied to specific policy issues. This new Eighth Edition provides thoughtful updates based on the 2012 election and completely revised case studies.

Features and Benefits

  • Up-to-date examples - including coverage of the 2012 Election - help students make sense of difficult topics.

Table of Contents

1. The Study of Public Policy.
2. The Policy-Makers and Their Environment.
3. Policy Formation: Problems, Agendas, and Formulation.
4. Policy Adoption.
5. Budgeting and Public Policy.
6. Policy Implementation.
7. Policy Impact, Evaluation, and Change.
8. Concluding Comments.

What's New

  • Thoroughly updated to reflect new developments in policymaking, particularly at the national level.
  • The Eighth Edition addresses the ethics of policy making, the debt ceiling debate, and the fiscal cliff.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"This text is balanced, objective and at times, scientific, while also providing a realistic summary of how politics factors into decision-making. I particularly like the case studies that are included in each chapter—they are more than cursory and perfectly chosen to help make chapter concepts concrete in the minds of students… I find the writing quite engaging and logical." -Shankar Prasad, NYU Wagner

— Shankar Prasad

"I have yet to see any book that does a better job with the concepts than Anderson does. It is a classic introduction to public policy. The text is concise and focuses on all the necessary concepts in understanding the field of public policy." -Jeffrey Brauer,

— Jeffrey Brauer


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

James E. Anderson

James Anderson (Texas A&M University) is the former President of the Policy Studies Organization and Secretary of the American Political Science Association. He has served as both President and Vice-President/Program Chair of the Southern Political Science Association and as President of the Southwestern Political Science Association.