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ETHICS, 1st Edition

  • includes CourseMate Printed Access Card
  • Julie C. Van Camp California State University, Long Beach
  • ISBN-10: 1133308910  |  ISBN-13: 9781133308911
  • 288 Pages
  • © 2014 | Published
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Created by the continuous feedback of a "student-tested, faculty-approved" process, ETHICS delivers a visually appealing, succinct print component and tear-out review cards for students and instructors, as well as CourseMate, a consistent online offering proven to increase retention and outcomes. CourseMate includes an eBook in addition to a set of interactive digital tools all at a value-based price. Using this daring concept and a novel approach, ETHICS takes students on an inspiring exploration of theory and major contemporary moral problems. Step by step, this reader-friendly text guides students through sound reasoning strategies with its Thinking It Through modules, a course-long examination of an ethical issue important to the student.

Features and Benefits

  • Concise, comprehensive chapters in a modern design present content in a more engaging and accessible format that delivers clear and full coverage for your course. The unique, engaging layout grabs students' attention and keeps them reading.
  • An innovative combination of content delivered both in print and online provides a core text, an interactive eBook and a wealth of comprehensive multimedia teaching and learning assets all crafted based on feedback from over 300 faculty and students.
  • Chapter In Review Cards at the back of the Student Editions provide students a portable study tool containing all of the pertinent information for class preparation and review for exams.
  • Instructor Prep Cards at the back of the Instructor's Edition make preparation simple with detachable cards for each chapter, offering a quick map of chapter content, a list of corresponding PowerPoint and video resources, additional examples, and suggested assignments and discussion questions to help you organize your course efficiently.
  • CourseMate offers an interactive eBook in addition to a full suite of unique learning tools that appeal to different learning styles. Self-study quizzes, videos and innovative animated simulations of ethical thought experiments and dilemmas are only a click away for all students with the purchase of a new book.
  • All of the content and resources you expect with a supplements package that is second to none including an Instructor's Manual including lecture preparation aids for every chapter, a Test Bank in ExamView® software as well as in Microsoft® Word documents, PowerPoint® lecture presentations, an Image Bank of all the art in the book in jpeg format and in PowerPoint® slides, Auto-graded quizzes, Flashcards, and more!
  • ETHICS uses charts, graphs, and other visuals to help students quickly absorb the context around the issues they are studying.
  • Excerpts of primary sources are included in each chapter, and for those who need more, additional readings are available through our accompanying CourseReader for Applied Ethics and Applied Ethics WATCH.
  • To help students think about ethical problems in a more rigorous, philosophically sound way, we included critical thinking as process boxes throughout the book, and six Thinking it Through modules to guide students through examination of an important ethical issue.

Table of Contents

1. What is Ethics?
2. Reasoning About Ethics.
3. Human Life: Beginnings and Endings.
4. Marriage, the Family, & Sexuality.
5. Personal Freedoms.
6. Freedom of Expression.
7. Religious Freedom.
8. Discrimination.
9. Health Care.
10. Capital Punishment.
11. Computer and Information Ethics.
12. Animals and the Environment.
13. War and the World.
14. Business Ethics.
15. Health Care Ethics.
16. Educational Ethics.
17. Journalism Ethics.
18. Religious Ethics.
19. Legal Ethics.
20. Criminal Justice Ethics.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"I am excited about this approach and believe it would work well for me and my students. It covers all foundational elements, and applies them to current social and professional situations, in a straight-forward writing style. The design layout is visually engaging as well."

— Michael Rice, Remington College, Liberty University and Indiana Wesleyan University

"The chapters and modules provide discussion that is appropriate to student level and provides students with tools to complete assignments that are relevant to their life issues. Topics such as religious freedom and discrimination are important issues in the home, community, nationally, and globally. These chapters present topics in clear, understandable language and will engage student interest and promote classroom discussion. I like everything about this from the layout to the content."

— Judith Wolford, Daymar College

"I was pleasantly surprised by the powerful, attractive "look and feel" of this text. The graphics, layout and content all converge on the learning objectives for the chapter in a memorable way. The clear presentation of the learning objectives invites active learning. Many textbooks promise to be more engaging but turn out to be reincarnations of the same old thing. From what I can see, the students would love this text."

— Randy Greene, Piedmont Technical College


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Instructor Supplements

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PowerLecture with ExamView®, JoinIn™ Student Response System  (ISBN-10: 1133308457 | ISBN-13: 9781133308454)

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CourseMate Instant Access  (ISBN-10: 1133308864 | ISBN-13: 9781133308867)

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Julie C. Van Camp

Julie C. Van Camp is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at California State University, Long Beach, where she taught philosophy of law and applied ethics. Along with a Ph.D. in philosophy from Temple University, she holds a J.D. from Georgetown University. She has been admitted to the State Bar of California and the District of Columbia Bar. She is the author of two other Cengage Learning titles, including ETHICAL ISSUES IN THE COURTS and ETHICS (4LTR Press).