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Business Communications, 1st Edition

  • Thomas Means San Jose State University
  • ISBN-10: 0538436824  |  ISBN-13: 9780538436823
  • 656 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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Business Communications equips students with the communication tools needed for success in today's rapidly changing global business environment. New topics such as exchanging information via telecommunications software, electronic mail, images and multimedia, and on-line information services are presented using the classical business communications approach. This text is ideal for the year-long business communication class and is appropriate for grades 10-12. Business Communications is the total solution for any communications curriculum. Ideal for teachers who want a comprehensive coverage of business document preparation.

Table of Contents

1. Communicating in Your Life, 2. Communicating in a Diverse Workplace, 3. Nonverbal Communication, 4. The Writing Process, 5. Writing Memos and E-mail, 6. Writing Letters to Your Clients and Customers, 7. Researching and Using Information, 8. Developing and Using Graphic and Visual Aids, 9. Writing Routine Reports, 10. Writing Formal Reports, 11. Technical Communication, 12. Presentations and Meetings, 13. Communicating with Customers, 14. Employment Communication, 15. Job Application and Interviewing Skills

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Thomas Means

Tom Means is an experienced communications professor who has authored several communication titles for South-Western. He is retired from Louisiana Tech University, Ruston.