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Analytical Chemistry: An Introduction, 7th Edition

  • Douglas A. Skoog Stanford University
  • Donald M. West San Jose State University
  • F. James Holler University of Kentucky
  • Stanley R. Crouch Michigan State University
  • ISBN-10: 0030202930  |  ISBN-13: 9780030202933
  • 880 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1994
  • © 2000 | Published
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The new edition highlights some of the latest techniques such as supercritical fluid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis. The addition of spreadsheet exercises and problems throughout the text provides students with a more modern approach to analytical chemistry.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
Section I. The Tools of Analytical Chemistry.
2. Chemicals and Apparatus: Putting the Tools to Work.
3. Important Chemical Concepts: Expressing Quantities and Concentrations.
4. The Basic Approach to Chemical Equilibrium.
5. Errors in Chemical Analysis: Assessing the Quality of Results.
6. Random Errors: How Certain Can We Be?
7. Statistical Analysis: Evaluating the Data.
Section II. Principles and Applications of Chemical Equilibria.
8. Gravimetric Methods of Analysis.
9. Electrolyte Effects: Activity or Concentration?
10. How Equilibrium Calculations Can Be Applied to Complex Systems.
11. Titrations: Taking Advantage of Stoichiometric Reactions.
12. Principles of Neutralization Titrations: Determining Acids, Bases, and the pH of Buffer Solutions.
13. Titrating Polyfunctional Acids and Bases.
14. Applying Neutralization Titrations.
15. Complex-Forming Titrations: Taking Advantage of Complexing Agents and Precipitating Agents.
Section III. Electrochemical Methods.
16. Elements of Electrochemistry.
17. Using Electrode potentials.
18. Applying Oxidation/Reduction Titrations.
19. Potentiometry: Measuring Concentrations of Ions and Molecules.
20. A Brief Look at Some Other Electroanalytical Methods.
Section IV. Spectrochemical Analysis.
21. Spectroscopic methods of Analysis: making Measurements with Light.
22. Instruments for Measuring Absorption: Is It a Photometer, a Spectrophotometer, or a Spectrometer?
23. Applying Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopic methods: Shedding More Light on the Subject.
Section V.
24. An Introduction to Analytical Separations.
25. Gas-Liquid and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.
26. Supercritical-Fluid Chromatography, Capillary Electrophoreses, and Capillary Electrochromatography.
Section VI.
27. Selected Methods of Analysis.
Appendix: Solubility Product Constants at 25 C.
Appendix A: Acid Dissociation Constants at 25 C.
Appendix B: Formation Constants of Complex Compounds at 25 C.
Appendix C: Standard and Formal Electrode Potentials.
Appendix D: Use of Exponential Numbers and Logarithms.
Appendix E: Volumetric Calculations Using Normality and Equivalent Weight.
Appendix F: Acronyms and Abbreviations of Significance in Analytical Chemistry.
Appendix G: Answers to Selected Questions and Problems.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Douglas A. Skoog

Douglas A. Skoog was a professor of chemistry at Stanford University and the lead author of several best-selling texts during his career. He earned a B.S. in chemistry from Oregon State University and his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Illinois. Dr. Skoog was the 1999 recipient of the American Chemical Society award in analytical chemistry, sponsored by the Fisher Scientific Company. That same year, he was named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 1993, he received the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Donald M. West

Donald M. West (deceased) was a Professor of Chemistry at San Jose State University.

F. James Holler

F. James Holler is professor emeritus of chemistry and recipient of the Alumni Association Great Teacher Award at the University of Kentucky. He received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. In addition to his role as co-author of several bestselling texts, he is co-creator of the world-famous Periodic Table of Comic Books.

Stanley R. Crouch

Stanley R. Crouch is professor emeritus at Michigan State University. He received his undergraduate and M.S. degrees from Stanford University and his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Illinois. He is the recipient of the 2001 American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Chemical Instrumentation and the 1996 ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Excellence in Teaching.