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Foundations of Behavioral Research, 4th Edition

  • Fred N. Kerlinger late of the University of Oregon
  • Howard B. Lee California State University, Northridge
  • ISBN-10: 0155078976  |  ISBN-13: 9780155078970
  • 1008 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1986, 1973
  • © 2000 | Published
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This text examines the fundamentals of solving a scientific research problem, focusing on the relationship between the problem and the research design. This edition includes new information about computer statistical software, multivariate statistics, research ethics, and writing research reports in APA style. This book is ideal for graduate students in that it covers statistics, research methodology, and measurement all in one volume. This is a book that graduate students will keep as a reference throughout their careers.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Language and Approach of Science.
1. Science and the Scientific Approach.
2. Problems and Hypotheses.
3. Constructs, Variables, and Definitions.
Part II: Sets, Relations, And Variance.
4. Sets.
5. Relations.
6. Variance and Covariance.
Part III: Probability, Randomness, And Sampling.
7. Probability.
8. Sampling and Randomness.
Part IV: Analysis, Interpretation, Statistics, And Inference.
9. Principles of Analysis and Interpretation.
10. The Analysis of Frequencies.
11. Statistics: Purpose, Approach, Method.
12. Testing Hypotheses and the Standard Error.
Part V: Analysis Of Variance.
13. Analysis of Variance: Foundations.
14. Factorial Analysis of Variance.
15. Analysis of Variance: Correlated Groups.
16. Nonparametric Analysis of Variance and Related Statistics.
Part VI: Designs of Research.
17. Ethical Considerations in Conducting Behavioral Science Research.
18. Research Design: Purpose and Principles.
19. Inadequate Designs and Design Criteria.
20. General Designs of Research.
21. Research Design Applications: Randomized Groups and Correlated Groups.
Part VII: Types of Research.
22. Quasi-Experimental and N = 1 Designs of Research.
23. Nonexperimental Research.
24. Laboratory Experiments, Field Experiments, and Field Studies.
25. Survey Research.
Part VIII: Measurement.
26. Foundations of Measurement.
27. Reliability.
28. Validity.
Part IX: Methods and Observations and Data Collection.
29. Interviews and Interview Schedules.
30. Objective Tests and Scales.
31. Observations of Behavior and Sociometry.
Part X: Multivariate Approaches.
32. Multiple Regression Analysis: Foundations.
33. Multiple Regression, Analysis of Variance, and Other Multivariate Methods.
34. Factor Analysis.
35. Analysis of Covariance Structures.
Appendixes: A. Guide for Writing Research Reports.
B: Statistical Tables.