Higher Education

Master Student Guide to Academic Success, 1st Edition

  • Arthur Bohart
  • ISBN-10: 0618382569  |  ISBN-13: 9780618382569
  • 352 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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Unlike any other student success textbook on the market, the Master Student Guide to Academic Success is an alternative to the traditional workbook-style text. Designed specifically for motivated students--such as adult learners and students in learning communities--this tabbed, quick reference guide adapts easily to a variety of course formats and teaching styles. Students benefit from the comprehensive coverage of core study skills and learning strategies presented in a straightforward, accessible manner.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Getting the Most from This Book
Making Successful Transitions
1. Entering the Culture of Higher Education
2. Using the Cycle of Learning
Thinking Critically and Creatively
3. Evaluating Ideas
4. Creating New Ideas
5. Making Decisions and Solving Problems
Planning to Succeed
6. Choosing Your Life Purpose and Goals
7. Managing Your Time
8. Choosing Your Major and Planning Your Career
Reading and Note Taking with a Purpose
9. Using Three Steps to Active Reading
10. Becoming a Flexible Reader
11. Using Seven Tools for Powerful Notes
12. Notes: Experimenting with the Cornell Format
13. Notes: Experimenting with Maps
14. Notes: Experimenting with Outlines
15. Creating More Value from Your Notes
Building Memory and Test-Taking Skills
16. Memory: Storing Ideas and Information
17. Memory: Recalling Ideas and Information
18. Preparing for Tests
19. Using Test Time Efficiently
Developing and Presenting Ideas
20. Research: Defining What You Want to Discover
21. Research: Using Sources of Information
22. Preparing to Write
23. Writing a Draft
24. Revising Your Draft
25. Making Effective Presentations
26. Using Computers to Promote Your Success
27. Becoming a Member of the Online Community
Succeeding in Math and Science
28. Mastering Math and Science
29. Reducing Math and Science Anxiety
Documenting Sources with MLA Style
Documenting Sources with APA Style


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 0618382577 | ISBN-13: 9780618382576)

The Instructor's Resource Manual for the Master Student Guide to Academic Success serves as a comprehensive overview and how-to guide for using this unique text in any classroom. Written by Robert Onorato of Sacred Heart University, Conn., the IRM explains the many benefits and uses of the Master Student Guide to Academic Success, and provides directions for creating a syllabus and information on how to adapt the text to a variety of student populations and course structures, especially learning communities. Chapter-by-chapter tips, activities, and quizzes provide instructors with all they need to use this text effectively.