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Surgical Mayo Setups, 2nd Edition

  • Tammy Allhoff Pearl River Community College
  • Debbie Hinton Pearl River Community College
  • ISBN-10: 1111138184  |  ISBN-13: 9781111138189
  • 288 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2003
  • © 2013 | Published
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SURGICAL MAYO SETUPS, 2nd Edition is the reliable, detailed resource students and practicing operating room personnel need for success in any operating room. Newly revised with more than 130 Mayo-stand and back-table setups, this handy pocket reference is smartly organized with tabs according to surgical specialty, which helps users find the right setup quickly and easily. A new introductory chapter on setup methods provides variations and photos for reference depending on specialty, procedure, facility, OR layout, and personal preference. Each of the 12 surgery chapters includes a brief overview of the specialty, key considerations, and an alphabetical procedure list, along with a detailed guide to the instruments and equipment required for the procedure. Selected illustrations throughout the guide depict the general Mayo-stand and back-table setup for more complicated procedures to increase user confidence.

Features and Benefits

  • Smart Organization: Organized for scrub staff on the go, SURGICAL MAYO SET-UPS, 2nd Edition is divided into 12 surgery chapters each covering one surgical specialty—and tabbed for quick and easy reference.
  • Personalized Use: Every chapter includes blank pages for hand-written notes and drawings, making this handy book an ideal tool for every type of learner.
  • More Setups: SURGICAL MAYO SETUPS, 2nd Edition details more than 130 Mayo-stand and back-table setups, ranging from basic to complex, and includes index references to many other procedures.
  • Practical Focus: Designed as a resource for the classroom and O.R., this resource is packed with helpful details, such as illustrations of various Mayo and back-table set-ups, complete and proper names, and instruments for universal applications.

Table of Contents

1. Setup Methods.
2. General Surgery.
3. Obstetric/Gynecological Surgery.
4. Genitourinary Surgery.
5. Thoracic Surgery.
6. Cardiovascular Surgery.
7. Peripheral Vascular Surgery.
8. Orthopedics Surgery.
9. Neurological Surgery.
10. Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery.
11. Ear, Nose, and Throat (E.N.T.) Surgery.
12. Ophthalmic Surgery.
13. Oral/Maxillo Facial Surgery.

What's New

  • New Instructional Photos: Answering reviewer requests, this resource now includes a new chapter with photographs of the various methods for setting up a Mayo tray.
  • Key AST Guidelines: Handy cross-referencing helps users find Association of Surgical Technologists guidelines on case levels and specialties.
  • More Procedures: Updated and expanded with additional procedures for even better O.R. coverage.
  • Streamlined Performance: New cross-referencing between those procedures that utilize the same Mayo set-ups simplifies user learning and workloads.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Tammy Allhoff

Tammy Allhoff is a Certified Surgical Technologist and Certified Surgical First Assistant. An instructor and the Clinical Coordinator for the Surgical Technology Program at Pearl River Community College, she has more than 16 years of experience in education, and is active with the Association of Surgical Technologists. Ms. Allhoff's professional experience includes being part of the first open heart team in Hattiesburg, and a C.S.T., C.F.A. for general, thoracic, and vascular surgeons. She later specialized in peripheral vascular surgery and worked as a Certified First Assistant. Ms. Allhoff holds an Associate's Degree in Applied Science and co-authored "Surgical Instruments" with Debbie Hinton.

Debbie Hinton

Debbie Hinton is a Certified Surgical Technologist specializing in orthopedic and neurological procedures. She is currently an instructor and the Program Director for the Surgical Technology Program at Pearl River Community College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Co-author of "Surgical Instruments," a series of computer learning programs on surgical instrument trays, Ms. Hinton holds a Bachelor of Science in education, and is an active member of the Association of Surgical Technologists.