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Business and Professional Communication in a Digital Age, 1st Edition

  • Dr. Jennifer H. Waldeck Chapman University
  • Patricia Kearney California State University, Long Beach
  • Tim Plax California State University, Long Beach
  • ISBN-10: 0495807982  |  ISBN-13: 9780495807988
  • 400 Pages
  • © 2013 | Published
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BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION IN A DIGITAL AGE, First Edition, is a comprehensive instructional package designed to build students' business and professional communication competence. The interactive, multimedia nature of this text emphasizes traditional and contemporary topics germane to business and professional contexts. The engaging online modules that accompany this text create an interactive, media-enhanced experience in the classroom, allowing students to develop an in-depth understanding of business and professional communication in the 21st century.

Features and Benefits

  • The authors' experience as business consultants and solid understanding of the demands of the contemporary workplace inform their commitment to helping students understand the complex and sensitive issues that today's business communicators face.
  • The text's approach is based on an understanding of how new media and globalization have affected business communication practices. Our near-constant exposure to interactive media, and our personal and professional relationships that often span the globe, have changed the way we think, listen, and articulate ourselves in our interactions with employers, colleagues, and clients.
  • The text supports today's business realities: an emphasis on learning and development in organizations, and a reliance on web-enabled, self-directed learning and collaborative initiatives for training, development, and innovation.
  • Three unique chapters on new media in the workplace, business consulting, and training in the workplace. The chapter on new media provides in-depth information about how to competently leverage what new communication technologies offer, including social media.
  • Accompanying online modules offer interactive coverage of unique topics, such as how to navigate office politics, how to balance professional and personal lives, how to use social media for professional networking, how to negotiate a compensation package, and how to deal with job rejection.
  • Fully interactive e-book and other online resources fully engage students who spend much of their time in a media-rich existence that offers dynamic and attractive content. The format and content of this text model how media exposure has influenced the way today's audiences listen, think, and relate to information.
  • "Putting Your Skills to Work" boxes highlight how students' existing skills, such as being open to criticism in class discussions or studying for tests, can be applied in the workplace. These boxes help you answer the question "Why do I need to know this?"
  • "Visualize! Practice!" interactive activities encourage students to apply theory, practice skills, and visualize themselves handling various workplace situations.
  • "Link Out" activities direct students to interesting and relevant weblinks that illustrate and reinforce concepts discussed in the text
  • "Check This Out" activities direct students to video and audio that illustrate and expand on chapter and module content, often asking students to answer critical thinking questions about what they watch and listen to.
  • "Weigh In! What's Your Competency?" self-assessment quizzes encourage students to assess and then apply their current skills and communication competencies.

Table of Contents

1. Contemporary Business & Professional Communication Competence: What Does the Workplace Demand?
2. Communicating at Work: How Can I Make Every Word and Gesture Count?
3. Just How Important Is Listening at Work, Really?
4. The Job Interview: How Do I Get the Job?
5. Relationships in the Workplace: How Do I Get Along?
6. Mediated Communication: How Can New Media Help Me at Work?
7. Giving Presentations: How Do I Prepare to Tell My Story?
8. Giving Presentations: How Can I Best Present My Ideas at Work?
9. Giving Presentations: How Can I Best Sell My Ideas at Work?
10. Sensory Aids: How Can I Better Engage My Listeners?
11. Making Meetings Matter: How Can I Do That?
12. Making Teams Work: What Can I Do?
13. Business & Professional Writing: How Do I Best Present Myself in Writing?
14. Communication Consulting: What Skills Do I Need?
15. Communication Training: What Skills Do I Need?
Module 1: How Do I "Get In and Fit In" to My Organization's Unique Culture?
Module 2: How Can I Practice Ethical Communication Behavior at Work?
Module 3: How Do I Give Specialized Presentations?
Module 4: What Do I Need to Know About Business Etiquette?
Module 5: How Do I Create Work-Life Balance?
Module 6: You Gotta Have Style: Using APA and MLA Styles
Module 7: What Methods Can I Use to Analyze My Audience?
Module 8: What's the Best Way to Organize and Outline My Presentation?
Module 9: How Do I Navigate Office Politics?
Module 10: What Parliamentary Procedures Do I Really Need to Know?
Module 11: How Do I Use Social Media for Professional Networking?
Module 12: What's the Best Way to Negotiate a Compensation Package?
Module 13: How Do I Deal With Job Search Rejection?
Module 14: How Do I Prepare for Phone and Video Interviews?
Module 15: How Do I Manage Time as a New Professional?
Module 16: What Makes a Winning Cover Letter and Resume?

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"I think this text is highly timely and valuable in that we need fresh material to keep our students interested and invested in their education. . . . It truly is an excellent work that goes beyond the average text. It is rather exciting."

— Diane Matuschka, University of North Florida

"I will be among the very early adopters of this book. It's the quintessential book on 21st-century business and professional communication. The authors succeed in pulling together layers and layers of integrated business communication concepts, topics, issues, and broad competencies at the heart of professional excellence."

— Bassey Eyo, St. Cloud State University

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Dr. Jennifer H. Waldeck

Jennifer Waldeck (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara) is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Chapman University, in Orange, California, where she teaches undergraduates and is on the core faculty of the M.S. program in Health and Strategic Communication. She specializes in instructional and organizational communication research, with an emphasis on the effective use of new and emerging technologies for learning purposes. Her research has appeared in such journals as Communication Monographs, Communication Education, The Journal of Applied Communication Research, Communication Research Reports, and The Journal of Business Communication. She is the author of more than 100 research articles, chapters, instructional texts, professional reports, and proprietary instructional packages. Before joining the faculty of Chapman, Waldeck was the Director of Curriculum Development for Scher Group, a Cleveland-based consulting firm. Waldeck continues to provide research, consulting, and training for a variety of organizations in the automotive, real estate, and healthcare industries. Today, she regularly teaches undergraduate courses in business and professional communication, organizational communication, persuasion and social influence, research methods., and graduate seminars on training, consulting, and corporate communication skills for the healthcare industry.

Patricia Kearney

Patricia Kearney (Ed.D., West Virginia University) is a Distinguished Professor of Communication at California State University, Long Beach. Her research and teaching, both theoretical and applied, focus on instructional communication, organizational training, and development. The former Editor of Communication Education, Kearney has written a variety of textbooks and industrial training packages, and she has published more than 100 research articles, chapters, and commissioned research reports and instructional modules. She is listed among the 100 most published scholars and among the top 15 published female scholars in her discipline. Kearney is the Education Director for Ross.Campbell, a Sacramento-based marketing and media production firm specializing in cause-related, social and environmental issues. She teaches courses in business communication, training and development, instructional technology, and interpersonal relationships.

Tim Plax

Timothy G. Plax (Ph.D., University of Southern California) is a Distinguished Professor of Communication at California State University, Long Beach. Plax is widely published, having authored college-level texts and over 150 professional articles and papers. With 30 years of experience in marketing research and message design, Plax is an authority on social influence and organizational communication. He has done extensive research and consulting on environmental topics including recycling, waste reduction, and pollution prevention. His clients include the California Air Resources Board, California Integrated Waste Management Board, California Department of Conservation, USA Funds, Sallie Mae, Gear Up, and more. Before joining the faculty at CSULB, Plax served as an internal consultant for The Rockwell International Corporation. Today he regularly teaches courses in organizational communication, social influence, and organizational leadership.