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Presidential Leadership: Politics and Policy Making, 9th Edition

  • George C. Edwards, III Texas A&M University
  • Stephen J. Wayne Georgetown University
  • ISBN-10: 0840030126  |  ISBN-13: 9780840030122
  • 560 Pages
  • © 2014 | Published
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Written by two renowned presidential scholars, this comprehensive, best-selling text examines all aspects of the presidency in rich detail. With a special emphasis on policy, the new edition surveys the most up-to-date scholarship on the topic, and includes an examination of the 2012 presidential election. Best-selling authors George C. Edwards and Stephen J. Wayne use engaging analysis and timely, fascinating examples to view the presidency from two theoretical standpoints—the president as "facilitator," and the president as "director of change." A theoretical (versus chronological) approach combined with the currency and relevance of the material, makes PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP: POLITICS AND POLICY MAKING, 9th Edition, the most comprehensive text available today for the presidential studies course.

Features and Benefits

  • Written by two renowned presidential scholars, this comprehensive text examines all aspects of the presidency in rich detail, with a special emphasis on policy.
  • Uses engaging analysis and timely, interesting examples to view the presidency from two standpoints—the president as "facilitator," and the president as "director of change."
  • Takes a theoretical (versus chronological) approach combined with the current and relevant content throughout.

Table of Contents

1. Presidential Leadership: An Introduction.
2. The Nomination Process.
3. The Presidential Election.
4. The President and the Public.
5. The President and the Media.
6. Presidents and their Advisors.
7. Presidential Decision Making.
8. The President and the Executive Branch.
9. The President and Congress.
10. The President and the Judiciary.
11. Domestic Policy Making.
12. Budgetary and Economic Policy Making.
13. Foreign and Defense Policy Making.
Appendix A: Methods for Studying the Presidency.
Appendix B: Non-electoral Succession, Removal and Tenure.
Appendix C: Provisions of the Constitution of the United States that Relate to the Presidency.
Appendix D: 2012 Electoral and Popular Vote Summary.

What's New

  • Coverage of the 2012 Elections.
  • The politics of leadership throughout the Obama presidency.
  • Policymaking and the policy agenda in Obama's second term.
  • Surveys the latest scholarship on the presidency.
  • Presidency in Action: Boxes on Obama's major domestic (health care), economic (deficit/debt/taxes), and national security (Bin Laden) decisions.
  • The Obama doctrine in foreign affairs.

Efficacy and Outcomes


"I appreciated the opportunity to use the policymaking emphasis of the textbook so that the students could see the centrality of the presidential office in facilitating changes in our governance system in domestic and in international politics." - Murel Jones, Virginia State University

— Murel Jones

"The greatest strengths of the book include…the historical overview of the presidency… (and) the suggested readings at the end of each chapters…" - Dr. Curtis R. Berry, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

— Dr. Curtis R. Berry

"…clearly written…covering all the topics utilized in most presidency classes." -Bruce Altschuler, SUNY Oswego

— Bruce Altschuler

"The three greatest strengths are (the) breadth of topics covered, its readability, and its practical application to the study of the presidency." - Jeff Cummins, California State University, Fresno

— Jeff Cummins

Meet the Author

Author Bio

George C. Edwards, III

George C. Edwards III, one of the country's leading scholars of the presidency, is University Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Texas A&M University and also holds the George and Julia Blucher Jordan Chair in Presidential Studies. He has served as both the Winant Professor and the Olin Professor of American Government at Oxford and the John Adams Fellow at the University of London, and has held senior visiting appointments at Sciences Po in Paris, Peking University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He has authored dozens of articles and has written or edited 25 books on American politics and public policy making. He is also editor of Presidential Studies Quarterly and general editor of the Oxford Handbook of American Politics series. Among his latest books, ON DEAF EARS: THE LIMITS OF THE BULLY PULPIT examines the effectiveness of presidential leadership of public opinion, WHY THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS BAD FOR AMERICA evaluates the consequences of the method of electing the president, THE STRATEGIC PRESIDENT offers a new formulation for understanding presidential leadership, and OVERREACH analyzes leadership in the Obama presidency. Professor Edwards has served as president of the Presidency Research Section of the American Political Science Association, which has named its annual dissertation prize in his honor and awarded him its Career Service Award. He has received the Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service from the U.S. Army and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has spoken to 250 universities and other groups in the U.S. and abroad, keynoted numerous national and international conferences, done hundreds of interviews with the national and international press, and can be heard on National Public Radio.

Stephen J. Wayne

Stephen Wayne is Professor of Government at Georgetown University. He is a Washington insider who has written many books and articles on the presidency and presidential elections. He often appears on television and radio news programs.