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Cables and Wiring, 2nd Edition

  • John Cadick
  • AVO, Multi-Amp Institute International Training Institute, Dallas TX
  • ISBN-10: 0766802701  |  ISBN-13: 9780766802704
  • 242 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1993
  • © 1999 | Published
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This concise, easy-to-use book is your single-source guide to electrical cables-- it's a "must-have" reference for journeyman electricians, contractors, inspectors and designers. Written in two parts, Cables and Wiring begins with chapters that illustrate acceptable methods for installing, splicing, and terminating power cables. The second part of Cables and Wiring is a complete reference to over 30 types of Underwriters Laboratories and National Electrical Code listed cable and wire. It includes information on available sizes, ampacities, temperature ranges, allowable installations, receiving and handling, and termination methods.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides information unavailable in any other single location for easy reference.
  • Comprehensive and practical coverage provides quick access to information on power cable and wire construction, splicing, termination, testing and applications.
  • A "must-have" reference for journeyman electricians, contractors, inspectors and designers!

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION. GENERAL CONCEPTS. Key Points. Introduction. Terms. Current Flow. Environmental Effects. CABLE MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION. Key Points. Introduction. Terms. Conductors. Insulation. Jackets & Shields. Construction. CABLE INSTALLATION, SPLICING AND TERMINATION. Key Points. Intruction. Terms. Underground Conduit. Above Ground Conduit. Aerial Installation. Direct Burial. Cable Pulling, exposed Cable Installation. Wiring Installations in Hazardous Locations. Splicing. Terminations. CABLE TESTING. Key Points. Instruction. Terms. Purpose. Test Equipment. Continuity Tests. Insulation Current. Types of Insulation Tests. Safety Precautions. CABLE FAULT LOCATION. Key Points. Introduction. Terms. Purpose of Fault Location. Methods. Test Equipment. CABLE APPLICATIONS GUIDE. Introduction. Cable Type: Description. Applications. Sizes. Temperature Ranges. Voltage Ranges. Ampacities. Handling & Care. Installation. APPENDICES.

What's New

  • Updated to include the many new cable types- both copper and fiber optic- used for voice an data communication
  • Includes expanded information in many areas, updated for the 1999 National Electrical Code.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

John Cadick

A registered professional engineer and the founder and president of the Cadick Corporation, John Cadick has specialized for over three decades in electrical engineering, training, and management. His consulting firm, based in Garland, Texas, specializes in electrical engineering and training and works extensively in the areas of power system design and engineering studies, condition-based maintenance programs, and electrical safety. Prior to creating the Cadick Corporation and its predecessor Cadick Professional Services, he held a number of technical and managerial positions with electric utilities, electrical testing companies, and consulting firms. In addition to his consultation work in the electrical power industry Mr. Cadick is the author of Cables and Wiring, DC Testing, AC Testing, and Semiconductors published by Delmar. He is also the author of The Electrical Safety Handbook McGraw Hill) and numerous professional articles and technical papers.