Higher Education

Death and Dying Understanding and Care, 2nd Edition

  • Barbara A. Backer
  • Natalie R. Hannon
  • Noreen A. Russell
  • ISBN-10: 0827349548  |  ISBN-13: 9780827349544
  • 384 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1989
  • © 1994 | Published
  • College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $232.00



It is important to recognize and accept the uniqueness of each individual's response to loss, dying and death. This excellent second edition conveys the message that understanding and care should be valued as highly as efficiency and cost-effectiveness in today's high-tech medical system. Death and Dying: Understanding and Care identifies patterns of response to dying and death in American society, it discusses problems associated with the cessation of life, and it examines the structure and process of interaction among the terminally ill, their families and helping professionals. THIS TITLE IS DESIGNATED AS A KIP (KEEP IN PRINT) EDITION AS OF 1/6/00 AND WILL BE REPRINTED BASED ON CUSTOMER NEED/DEMAND.