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Words Count, 2nd Edition

  • Laraine E. Flemming
  • ISBN-10: 1285436121  |  ISBN-13: 9781285436128
  • 192 Pages
  • © 2015 | Published
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Laraine Flemming's WORDS COUNT, Second Edition, teaches key vocabulary terms based on the premise that students learn best by seeing words repeatedly in different contexts-not through rote memorization. These vocabulary terms appear in increasing levels of difficulty throughout the text, and have been carefully selected to highlight essential words that students will frequently encounter in their readings. Extensive practice opportunities appear in each chapter, in addition to end-of-unit tests.

Efficacy and Outcomes


“WORDS COUNT is very complete and thorough. It will help students be able to successfully learn new words by giving them plenty of examples and practice sets to work through.”

— Tina Ballard, Elgin Community College

“This book solves the problem that many vocabulary students face. Usually they learn the words but can't figure out how and when to use them. This solves that problem.”

— Julie Engstrom, Brigham Young University


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Instructor Supplements

Reading for Thinking  (ISBN-10: 1285430468 | ISBN-13: 9781285430461)

Through a winning combination of easy-to-understand explanations, high-interest readings, and a carefully designed chapter sequence, Laraine Flemming's READING FOR THINKING takes the mystery out of critical reading for developmental students. Following a comprehensive review of essential learning and comprehension strategies such as evaluating websites, identifying main ideas, and using organizational patterns to aid remembering, Flemming shows how critical reading is a natural part of comprehending an author's message. Chapter by chapter, students expand their definition of comprehension to include evaluating a writer's purpose, recognizing tone, separating fact from opinion, and determining the degree of bias, while also learning how to summarize and synthesize different points of view on the same topic. In addition to marginal annotations modeling the skilled reader's response, a host of new readings, a new vocabulary feature, and brand new material about reading on the Web, the eighth edition of READING FOR THINKING expands the use of writing assignments to help students identify the strategies writers use to communicate their ideas to readers effectively.

List Price = $84.95  | CengageBrain Price = $84.95  | College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $64.00

Student Supplements

Reading for Thinking  (ISBN-10: 1285430468 | ISBN-13: 9781285430461)

If you've ever looked at the pages of your textbook and wondered what to underline or take notes on, READING FOR THINKING is the book for you. It shows how to use clues left by the author to determine what's really important in a textbook and what's not. READING FOR THINKING goes way beyond illustrating how to identify the key points of an author's message. It also shows you how to evaluate that message, deciding for yourself if the author's tone matches the reading's context or purpose; or if an argument, which might seem persuasive at first glance, really holds up under a closer inspection.

List Price = $84.95  | CengageBrain Price = $84.95  | College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $64.00

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Laraine E. Flemming

After receiving her B.S. at Southern Connecticut State University, where she was certified as a teacher of secondary reading, Laraine Flemming went on to earn an M.A. in English literature at Boston College and a Ph.D. in American literature at the State University of New York in Buffalo. During her career, Flemming has taught students from elementary to graduate school covering subjects as varied as reading and writing, American literature, time management, speed reading, and study skills. She began writing textbooks while working as Director of the Reading and Writing Center at Dean Junior College. In need of a reading textbook that had lots of exercises combined with genuinely thought-provoking readings, Flemming decided to write her own. You can contact Laraine Flemming by emailing her at laflemm@comcast.net or by visiting her website at www.laflemm.com.