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Music for Ear Training, 3rd Edition

  • includes CD-ROM
  • Michael Horvit Moores School of Music, The University of Houston
  • Timothy Koozin University of Houston
  • Robert Nelson Moores School of Music, University of Houston
  • ISBN-10: 0495565717  |  ISBN-13: 9780495565710
  • 560 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2005, 2001
  • © 2009 | Published
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When it comes to improving ear training and listening skills, the standard in ear training instruction is Horvit/Koozin/Nelson MUSIC FOR EAR TRAINING: CD-ROM AND WORKBOOK, Third Edition. Taking a hybrid approach, the workbook and CD deliver a wealth of practical material designed to help students quickly improve their listening and ear training skills. The dual-format CD-ROM provides an easy-to-use interface for listening with varied general MIDI instrumental sounds. The dictation repertoire includes basic rudiments (intervals, chords, and scales), melodies, four-part harmonic settings, and varied textures from musical literature.

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly improve listening and ear training with the standard text in ear training instruction.
  • Hybrid workbook/CD approach lets students listen and study music examples, then notate them in the workbook.
  • Easy-to-use CD-ROM listening interface and varied general MIDI instrumental sounds.
  • Repertoire includes basic rudiments (intervals, chords, scales), melodies, four-part harmonic settings, and varied textures from musical literature.
  • Annotated Instructor's Edition offers the complete student workbook with answers to exercises and questions.

Table of Contents

1. Intervals, Triads, and Scales.
2. Rhythmic Dictation: Simple Meters.
3. Melodic Dictation: Fifths, Sixths, and Octaves.
4. Rhythmic Dictation: Beat Subdivision by 2.
5. Rhythmic Dictation: Beat Subdivision by 4: Anacrusis.
6. Rhythmic Dictation: Dots and Ties.
7. Melodic Dictation: The Supertonic Triad.
8. Rhythmic Dictation: Compound Meter.
9. Rhythmic Dictation: Triplets.
10. Examples from Literature.
11. Rhythmic Dictation: Syncopation.
12. Melodic Dictation: Scalar Variants, Modal Borrowing, and Decorative Chromaticism.
13. Melodic Dictation: Secondary Dominants.
14. Examples from Music Literature.
15. Melodic Dictation: Modulation to Closely Related Keys.
16. Rhythmic Dictation: Quintuple Meter.
17. Examples from Music Literature.
18. Rhythm: Irregular Meters.
Pitch: Diatonic Modes. Pitch: Changing Clefs. Part Music.
19. Rhythm: Changing Meters.
Pitch: Pandiatonicism.
20. Rhythm: Syncopation Including Irregular and Mixed Meters.
Pitch: Extended and Altered Tertian Harmony.
21. Pitch: Exotic Scales.
22. Rhythm: Complex Divisions of the Beat.
Melodic Dictation: Quartal Harmony.
23. Rhythm: Polyrhythms and Polymeters.
Music Dictation: Polyharmony and Polytonality.
24. Melodic Dictation: Interval Music.
25. Melodic Dictation: Serial Music.

What's New

  • Combines easily with sight-singing curriculum: This new edition coordinates more closely with Benjamin/Horvit/Nelson MUSIC FOR SIGHT SINGING, Fifth Edition.
  • More short examples/exercises and new and expanded quizzes of varying length and difficulty to check comprehension.
  • Improved CD-ROM operation and security with fully encoded musical examples.
  • Newly upgraded CD-ROM interface and improved audio control for Windows and Macintosh.
  • "Quick key" command on CD-ROM facilitates ease of listening during dictation.


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Instructor Supplements

Annotated Instructor's Edition (with CD-ROM)  (ISBN-10: 0495564311 | ISBN-13: 9780495564317)

This instructor's edition of the complete student workbook includes answers to text exercises and quizzes.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Michael Horvit

Michael Horvit is Professor Emeritus of Composition and Theory at the Moores School of Music, University of Houston. His works range from solo instrumental and vocal pieces to large symphonic and choral compositions and operas, all widely performed in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Israel. He has published with C.F. Peters, MorningStar, Recital Publications, Shawnee Press, E.C. Schirmer, Southern, and Transcontinental, and has CDs with the Albany label. Horvit's awards include the Martha Baird Rockefeller Award as well as the National Endowment for the Arts.

Timothy Koozin

Timothy Koozin is known internationally as a specialist in music instructional technology. Dr. Koozin is editor of the electronic journal, MUSIC THEORY ONLINE. His writings appear in PERSPECTIVES OF NEW MUSIC, CONTEMPORARY MUSIC REVIEW, MUSIC THEORY ONLINE, COLLEGE MUSIC SYMPOSIUM, NOTES AND COMPUTERS IN MUSIC RESEARCH. He teaches courses in music theory, analysis, and music technology at the University of Houston, Moores School of Music.

Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson teaches music theory and composition at the Moores School of Music, University of Houston. A composer in residence and music director of the Houston Shakespeare Festival for 17 seasons, he has also received numerous commissions for compositions and arrangements for the Houston Symphony Orchestra.