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Sex, Self and Society: The Social Context of Sexuality, 1st Edition

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  • Tracey Steele Wright State University
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The reader contains 60 edited articles divided into 15 chapters covering a range of issues dealing with human sexuality. The reader focuses on sexuality as both process and as a social institution. Contemporary issues such as abortion and sexually transmitted diseases are the focus of the last part of the reader.

Table of Contents

1. Constructing Sex, the Sexual, and the Erotic.
''Doing it/Defining it'' The Social Construction of S-E-X (Tracey Steele:). Unnatural
Acts (Leonore Tiefer).
Breastfeeding and the Good Maternal Body (Cindy Stearns). Boundary Lines: Labeling
Sexual Harassment in Restaurants (Patti A. Giuffre and Christine L. Williams).
2. Constructing and Critiquing Sexual Categories.
The Invention of Heterosexuality (Jonathan Ned Katz). Bisexuality in an Essentialist World: Understanding
BiPhobia (Amanda Udis-Kessler). A Queer Encounter (Steven Epstein).
3. Conflated Constructs: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality.
Beyond the Binaries: Depolarizing the Categories of Sex, Sexuality, and Gender (Judith Lorber). How Men Have (A) Sex (John Stoltenbergm). The
Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria (Judith Ortiz Cofer). The
Five Sexes Revisited (Anne Fausto-Sterling). Dennis Rodman: Barbie Doll Gone
Horribly Wrong (Michele D. Dunbar).
4. What''s Love Got to Do With It? Constructions of Desire, Love, and Intimacy.
The Feminization of Love (Francesca M. Cancian). The Sexualization of Love (Steven
Seidman). Women and Heterosexual Love: Complicity, Resistance, and Change (Stevi
5. Constructing the Sexual Self: The Negotiation and Actualization of Sexual Identity
and Behavior.
Becoming 100 Percent Straight (Michael Messner). Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places (Laud Humphreys). Dragon Ladies, Snow Queens, and
Asian-American Dykes: Reflection
Race and Sexuality (Sharon Lim-Hing). More than Manly Women: How Female
Transsexuals Reject Lesbian Labels (Holly Devor). The Ambiguity of "Having
Sex:" The Subjective Experience of irginity Loss in the United States (Laura M. Carpenter).
6. The State, Sexual Politics, and Public Policy.
It Takes More Than Two: The Prostitute, the State, and the Entrepreneur (Cynthia
Enloe). The Case of Sharon Kowalski and Karen Thompson: Ableism, Heterosexism, and
Sexism (Joan L. Griscom). The Sexual Politics of Black Womanhood (Patricia Hill Collins).
Disability, Sex Radicalism and Political Agency (Abby Wilkerson).
7. Media & Popular Culture.
A Broken Trust: Canadian Priests, Brothers, Pedophilia, and the Media (Ian A. G.
Barrie). Girls, Media, and the Negotiation of Sexuality: A Study of Race, Class, and
Gender in Adolescent Peer Groups (Meenakshi Gigi Durham). The Social Organization of
Sexuality and Gender in Alternative hard
Rock: An Analysis of Intersectionality (Mimi Schippers). Normal Sins: Scandal Narratives
as Institutional
Morality Tales (Joshua Gamson).
8. Economy and Work.
Capitalism and Gay Identity (John D''Emilio). Sexuality in Organizations (Patricia
Yancey Martin and David L. Collinson). Peepshow Feminism (Tawnya Dudash). The
Locker Room and the Dorm Room: Workplace Norms and the Boundaries of Sexual
Harassment in Magazine Editing (Kirsten Dellinger and Christine L. Williams).
9. Religion and Education.
The Muslim Concept of Active Female Sexuality (Fatima Mernissi). Slut! Growing up
Female with a Bad Reputation (Leoira Tanebaum). Gay and Lesbian Catholic Elementary
School Teachers (Edmundo F. Litton). Identity Puzzles: Talking Sex in Education
(Margot Francis).
10. Family & Medicine.
Dubious Conceptions: The Controversy Over Teen Pregnancy (Kristin Luker). Negotiating
Lesbian Motherhood: The Dialectics of Resistance and Accommodation (Ellen Lewin). In
Pursuit of the Perfect Penis (Leonore Tiefer). Cloning, Sex, and New Kinds of Families
(Glenn McGee).
11. Sexuality, the Body, and Sexual Attractiveness.
Medicalization of Racial Features: Asian-American Women and Cosmetic Surgery (Eugenia
Kaw). Size 6: The Western Woman''s Harem (Fatema Mernissi). Pills and Power Tools
(Susan Bordo). Jane Fonda, Barbara Bush, and Other Aging Bodies: Femininity and the
Limits of Resistance (Myra Dinnerstein and Rose Weitz). Visibly Queer: Body
Technologies and Sexual Politics (Victoria Pitts).
12. Sex, Pornography & Sexual Objectification.
Pornography: Civil Rights, and Speech (Catharine MacKinnon). Pornography and the
Alienation of Male Sexuality (Harry Brod). Odyssey of a Feminist Pornographer (Marcy
13. Sexuality, Aggression, and Violence.
Men on Rape (Tim Beneke). The Mind that Burns in Each Body: Women, Rape, and Racial Violence (Jacquelyn Dowd Hall). Titans (Nathan McCall). The Sexual Politics of Murder (Jane Caputi). A Boy''s Life: For Matthew Shepard''s Killers, What Does It Take to Pass as a Man? (JoAnn Wypijewski).
14. Sex and the Social Construction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Social Control, Civil Liberties, and Women''s Sexuality (Beth E. Schneider and Valerie
Jenness). Identity and Stigma of Women with S.T.D.s. (Adina Nack). Gay Villain, Gay
Hero: Homosexuality and the Social Construction of AIDS (Robert A. Padgug).
15. Abortion, Conception, and Procreation.
The Egg and the Sperm: How Science Has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles (Emily Martin). Motherhood and Morality in America (Kristen
Luker). Now You Can Choose! Issues in Parenting and Procreation (Barbara Katz


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Tracey Steele

Tracey Steele is an associate professor of sociology at Wright State University. Her current research focuses on the construction of gender and sexual identity. Her most recent work explores how gender affects attitudes towards capital punishment.