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A Practical Guide to Teaching in the Fire Service, 1st Edition

  • Henry Morse Fire Service Testing Company
  • ISBN-10: 0766804321  |  ISBN-13: 9780766804326
  • 48 Pages
  • © 1998 | Published
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This "how-to" text is designed for the person who does not have formal teacher training or a degree in education, but who will need to teach to the service. Its no-nonsense approach covers the day-to-day information that he or she will need to know to conduct a successful class in fire service. Information on how to write a complete outline and lesson plan, how to reach different groups of people, how to handle difficult issues such as discipline and class control, and even how to dress are included in this teaching guide.

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Features and Benefits

  • short, practical guide for easy use by the busy instructor
  • written in simple and easy-to-understand language for greater comprehension
  • addresses potential problems that beginning instructors may encounter, helping them to be prepared
  • content focuses on day-to-day procedures instead of theory, so that what is learned can be applied immediately in real life situations
  • deals with behavior issues in the classroom which other titles don't cover

Table of Contents

No One is Born a Good Teacher. PRINCIPLES OF GOOD TEACHING: Simple. Selective Information. Good Presentation. UNDERSTANDING MOTIVES OF STUDENTS: Students Who Have To Be There. Students Who Don''t Have To Be There. UNDERSTANDING MOTIVES OF TEACHERS. UNDERSTANDING THE FEAR OF APPEARING STUPID. HANDLING QUESTIONS: Responding to the Question Asked. What to Do When You Don''t Know. Limiting Holding Forth. Praise. Questions Which Are Not Questions. PROBLEM BEHAVIOR: Side Conversations. Interrupters. Late Arrivals. Excessive Arguers. Crude Language Users. Outright Belligerence. Exam Dodgers. Cheating. The Very Smart (And Often Right) Student. TESTING: How to Write a Test. Student Challenges to Questions. HANDS ON.

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Henry Morse

Henry Morse, M.A., Fire Service Testing Company, Inc., President; NFPA Fire Instructor IV; Bachelor's Degree in Science; Master's Degree in Adult Education; Member NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications.