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Using Art to Create Art, 1st Edition

  • Wendy M. L. Libby Bangor School in Bangor, Maine
  • ISBN-10: 0766815056  |  ISBN-13: 9780766815056
  • 264 Pages
  • © 2000 | Published
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Using Art to Make Art is a book of activities based on art concepts, art elements, and principles. The emphasis is on process and a variety of mediums are explored. It is important to understand that art reflects different cultures and time periods in history. It is more meaningful for young artists to express themselves through their own creations when they have knowledge, inspiration, and motivation gained from other artists. Using Art to Make Art encourages exploration, creativity, and self-expression while developing basic art skills and concepts.

Features and Benefits

  • Creative Growth will be seen in the originality of ideas
  • Social growth will be noted when a child appreciated the needs and feelings of others
  • Physical growth will be identified through increasing motor control and hand-eye coordination
  • Emotional growth will be apparant when children are able to identifty with their own work and express personal feelings
  • Aesthetic growth develops with the organization of ideas and feelings through the use of materials

Table of Contents

About this Book,
Art in the Curriculum,
The Preschool Child and Beyond,
The Differently-Able,
Developmental Level Guide,
Art History in Brief,
Appreciating Art,
Romare Bearden.
Andrew Wyeth,
Appendix A: The Great Art Detective Game.
Appendix B: Art Materials.
Appendix C: Art Styles.
Appendix D: Reproduction Listing.
Appendix E: Museum Listing,

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Wendy M. L. Libby

Wendy M. L. Libby is an elementary art teacher for the Bangor School in Bangor Maine.