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Experiments in Biochemistry: A Hands-on Approach, 2nd Edition

  • Shawn O. Farrell Olympic Training Center
  • Lynn E. Taylor Colorado State University
  • ISBN-10: 049501317X  |  ISBN-13: 9780495013174
  • 400 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2000
  • © 2006 | Published
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EXPERIMENTS IN BIOCHEMISTRY: A HANDS-ON APPROACH, Second Edition features a variety of hands-on, classroom tested experiments that are proven to work and can be completed in a normal lab period. The manual's stand-alone experiments are effective in courses meeting only once a week, giving students a broad overview of the subject matter. A more comprehensive set of experiments is also available and allows students to delve further into each of the topics presented. The Second Edition also features new and revised experiments, including a new experiment that involves cloning the barracuda LDH gene! Students and professors will also find expanded problem sets in this edition. "Tip" boxes, located throughout the text, provide pointers to students on how to perform the experiment at hand, while "Essential Information" boxes highlight pertinent information that will help the student complete the experiment. The second edition continues to include references and further readings at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Text.
Objectives of the Biochemistry Laboratory.
Chapter Format of Hands on Biochemistry.
1. Biochemistry Boot Camp.
2. Acids, Bases, and Buffers.
3. Spectrophotometry.
4. Enzyme Purification.
5. Ion Exchange Chromatography.
6. Affinity Chromatography.
7. Gel filtration Chromatography.
8. Enzyme Kinetics.
9. Electrophoresis.
10. Western Blots.
11. Restriction Enzymes.
12. Cloning and Expression of Foreign Proteins.
13. Polymerase Chain Reaction.


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Manual Online  (ISBN-10: 049501561X | ISBN-13: 9780495015611)

By Shawn Farrell of Colorado State University. The Instructor's Manual contains resources designed to streamline and maximize the effectiveness of your course preparation, such as detailed product lists with sources, tips for preparation, and common problems that students might have and how to solve them.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Shawn O. Farrell

Shawn O. Farrell, a native of Northern California, received his B.S. in biochemistry from University of California, Davis, studying carbohydrate metabolism. He completed his Ph.D. in biochemistry at Michigan State University, where he focused on the study of fatty acid metabolism. Dr. Farrell became interested in biochemistry while in college, as it was relevant to his passion for bicycle racing. He raced competitively for 15 years and now officiates bicycle races worldwide. He has taught biochemistry lecture and laboratory courses at Colorado State University for 16 years and now works for USCycling. Professor Farrell has written scientific journal articles about specific research projects and about laboratory teaching, as well as articles for sports publications, such as "Salmon, Trout, and Steelheader" magazine. He is co-author with Mary Campbell on BIOCHEMISTRY, 7e (Cengage Learning).

Lynn E. Taylor

Lynn Taylor grew up in Minnesota and received her B.A. in Genetics from UC Berkeley. As a research assistant, she studied galactose oxidation in liver at Michigan State University, and cyctochrome c oxidase expression in yeast at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Ms. Taylor's interest in molecular biology led her to Colorado State University, where she obtained her M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She has spent 15 years investigating the regulation and expression of key regulatory enzymes involved in maintaining acid-base balance in the kidney, and currently holds the position of senior research associate.