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Programming AutoCAD in ObjectARX, 1st Edition

  • Charles McAuley
  • ISBN-10: 076680643X  |  ISBN-13: 9780766806436
  • 648 Pages
  • © 2000 | Published
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This one-of-a-kind text provides a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of ObjectARX and an understanding of the underlying AutoCAD database structure. While intended for users who have experience with C++, Microsoft's Visual C++ products, and AutoCAD, this text is the place to start for beginners interested in ObjectARX and AutoCAD. Written and presented in a style that is easy to follow, the text includes topics such as: the ADS development system as it applies to ObjectARX today; understanding AutoCAD's database and entity structure; Windows interface elements in ObjectARX; data storage; transactions and transaction managers. All topics are reinforced with sample applications and source code.

Features and Benefits

  • Topics are supplemented by real-world examples that illustrate the powerful potential of programming AutoCAD with ObjectARX.
  • The accompanying CD-ROM contains source code for most chapters.
  • A step-by-step, progressive approach used presents material in a logical style to aid understanding.
  • The independant chapter organization supports targeted learning by allowing you to pick-and-choose skills of specific interest.

Table of Contents

Getting Started. Introduction. Programming AutoCAD Using AutoLISP, Visual Basic, ADS, and ObjectARX 2.0: Which One? What Version of C++? Why You Should Learn MFC. Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL). ARX Entry Point - arcxEntryPoint(). Creating Your First ARX Application: Creating the DLL, Starter Files, Inserting Files into the Visual C++ Project, Project Settings, and Modifying the Starter Files. Running the Hello1 ARX Application. Elements of the ARX Hello1 Application. Creating an ARX Application with a Custom Class: Creating an Application with a Class Derived from AcRxObject, Creating the CHelloClass, Running the Hello2 ARX Application, and Elements of the ARX Hello2 Application. Creating an ARX Application Using MFC: Creating an AppWizard MFC DLL., Modification of the AppWizard Generated Files, Project Settings for ARX/MFC, Elements of the ObjectARX Template Files, and Adding a New Class to the ARX/MFC Application. Debugging ObjectARX with the MSVC++5.x IDE.