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Global Politics in a Changing World, 4th Edition

  • Richard W. Mansbach Iowa State University
  • Edward Rhodes Rutgers University
  • ISBN-10: 0618974512  |  ISBN-13: 9780618974511
  • 528 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2006, 2003, 2000
  • © 2009 | Published
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Global Politics in a Changing World blends conceptual writings on international relations with current events coverage from journalistic sources. Case materials in this reader are drawn from all major geographic regions in order to emphasize the global nature of post-Cold War issues. Each chapter approaches the key topics first from a scholarly/theoretical perspective, then follows with readings that present a news/current events context. The readings provide a stimulus for informed debate and discussion and encourage students to view daily events as part of a larger process of change. This unique reader goes beyond the traditional concept of international relations, defined simply as interactions between states. Covering all players in the modern global political scene, topics in the text range from international companies and intergovernmental organizations to traditional states and terrorist organizations. To discuss these varied influences in world politics, the authors have carefully selected a mix of readings that includes journal articles on current events and classic discussions of international relations.

Table of Contents

1. Continuity and Change in Global Politics
1.1 Turbulence in World Politics: A Theory of Change and Continuity, James N. Rosenau
1.2 Bloggers May Be the Real Opposition, The Economist
Sovereignty, Borders, and Real Life
1.3 Why the World Isn''t Flat, Pankaj Ghemawat
1.4 Our Borderless World, Moisés Naím
1.5 Cities Mesh Across Blurry Border, Despite Physical Barrier, Marc Lacey
The Twenty-First-Century State?
1.6 We Need Rules for Sovereign Funds, Jeffrey Garten
I. The Changing Nature of War
2. Out of Control? The Rise of Postmodern War and Terrorism
2.1 The New Wars, Herfried Münkler
2.2 The Global Menace of Local Strife, The Economist
Targeting the Innocent: Terrorism
2.3 Strategies of Terrorism, Andrew H. Kydd and Barbara F. Walter
Hiring an Army: Mercenaries and Private Military Contractors
2.4 The Private Surge, Steve Fainaru
War by Electron: Cyberwar
2.5 Cyber Attack and Vexes Estonia, Poses Debate, Christopher Rhoads
2.6 A World Wide Web of Terror, The Economist
3. Weapons of Mass Destruction: Thinking About the Unthinkable, Again
3.1 The New Threat of Mass Destruction, Richard K. Betts
Nuclear Proliferation
3.2 Bombs Away, The Economist
Ballistic Missile Defense
3.3 U.S. Missile Defense, International Institute for Strategic Studies
The Consequences of a "Limited" Nuclear War
3.4 Climate Effects of Nuclear War, Alan Robock
Biological Weapons
3.5 With Custom-Built Pathogens Come New Fears, Joby Warrick
II. Disintegration and Integration in Today''s World
4. Democracy: A Global Institution?
4.1 History Is Still Going Our Way, Francis Fukuyama
4.2 The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers, Azar Gat
Dictating Democracy
4.3 America''s Crusade, Edward Rhodes
4.4 America''s Crisis of Legitimacy, Robert Kagan
Religion and Democracy
4.5 Why God Is Winning, Timothy Samuel Shah and Monica Duffy Toft
4.6 Islamists Suffer as Freedom Slips Down the Mideast Agenda, Heba Saleh
5. Failed States
5.1 Failed States in a World of Terror, Robert I. Rotberg
5.2 Africa''s Revolutionary Deficit, Jeremy M. Weinstein
5.3 The Coming Anarchy, Robert D. Kaplan
5.4 UN Troops Fight Haiti''s Gangs One Battered Street at a Time, Marc Lacey
5.5 The 10th Circle, Terry McCarthy
6. Solving Shared Problems: Intergovernmental Organizations
The United Nations
6.1 International Organizations: Perspectives on Governance in the Twenty-first Century, Kelly-Kate S. Pease
6.2 The United Nations, The Economist
The International Monetary Fund
6.3 The IMF and Democratic Governance, Devesh Kapur and Moisés Naím
The European Union
6.4 Standard Bearer: How the European Union Exports Its Laws, Tobias Buck
7. Ties That Bind: The Rise of Transnational Institutions
7.1 Power Shift, Jessica T. Mathews
7.2 Learning to Live with NGOs, P. J. Simmons
NGOs and States
7.3 NGOs: Sins of the Secular Missionaries, The Economist
7.4 What Is a Gongo? Moisés Naím
7.5 Mountain of Gold Leaves a River of Waste, Jane Perlez and Raymond Bonner
NGOs and TNCs
7.6 How a Global Web of Activists Gives Cooke Problems in India, Steve Stecklow
The NGO-TNC-State Nexus
7.7 More than the Sum of the Parts, Sarah Murray
8. Thy Brother''s Keeper: Human Rights and International Law in the Postinternational Era
8.1 Are Human Rights Universal? Thomas M. Franck
8.2 Taming Leviathan, The Economist
An International Criminal Court
8.3 If Not Peace, Then Justice, Elizabeth Rubin
III. A New Security Agenda in a Globablized World
9. The Problem of Soft Security: Crime, Disease, and Dangerous Products in a Globalized World
Redefining Security
9.1 Human Security in a Globalized World, Rob McRae
9.2 The Five Wars of Globalization, Moisés Naím
9.3 In Afghanistan, Heroin Trade Soars Despite U.S. Aid, Philip Shiakin and David Crawford
9.4 Together, in Sickness and in Health, Natalie Angier
Dangerous Products
9.5 Dangers for Both Pets and People, Ariana Eunjung Cha
10. Managing a Global Economy
10.1 The Challenge of Global Capitalism, Robert Gilpin
Economic Globalization
10.2 In the Shadow of Prosperity, The Economist
10.3 How Trade Barriers Keep Africans Adrift, Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck
Monetary and Financial Issues
10.4 The ABCs of Global Money and Finance, Peter J. Dombrowski
10.5 The New New World Order, Daniel W. Drezner
11. Poverty and Development
11.1 The Tangled Web: The Poverty-Insecurity Nexus, Lael Brainard, Derek Chollet, and Vinca LaFleur
11.2 The Megacity, George Packer
Aid, Advice, and Governance/Ending Poverty Forever
11.3 The Eight Commandments, The Economist
Moving People Rather than Moving Jobs?
11.4 Should We Globalize Labor Too? Jason DeParle
12. Environmental Issues and the Global Commons
12.1 The Tragedy of the Commons, Garrett Hardin
The Problem of Collective Action
12.2 Global Problems and Local Concerns, The World Bank
Global Warming, Environmental Degradation, and International Conflict
12.3 Terror in the Weather Forecast, Thomas Homer-Dixon
12.4 Receding Aral Sea Offers Fertile Ground for Conflict, David Stern
A Global Web of Pollution and Environmental Devastation
12.5 Huge Dust Plumes from China Cause Changes in Climate, Robert Lee Hotz
12.6 A Corrupt Timber Trade, Peter S. Goodman and Peter Finn
IV. The Subjective Dimension: Identies and Loyalties
13. Immigrants, Refugees, and Diasporas: Population Movements Across Borders
13.1 Crossing Borders: International Migration and National Security, Fiona B. Adamson
Political Causes and Effects of Migration: Poverty, Misgovernment, and Violence
13.2 Europe''s Huddled Masses, The Economist
13.3 A Massive Migration, Sudarsan Raghavan
Diasporas and International Politics
13.4 A World of Exiles, The Economist
14. The Clash of Cultures and Identities
14.1 The Clash of Civilizations? Samuel P. Huntington
14.2 What Clash of Civilizations? Amartya Sen
Identity Clashes in Europe
14.3 Cartoon Uproar Exposes Muslim Divide, Andrew Higgins
14.4 New Russia: From Class to Ethnic Struggle, Steven Lee Myers
The New Divide in World Politics? The West Versus the Islamic World
14.5 Mutual Incomprehsension, Mutual Outrage, The Economist
15. Gender and Global Politics
15.1 Women, the State, and War: Feminist Incursions into World Politics, Franke Wilmer
Gender, Human Security, and National Security
15.2 Infanticide, Abortion Responsible for 60 Million Girls Missing in Asia, Sherry Karabin
15.3 A Surplus of Men, a Deficit of Peace, Valerie M. Hudson and Andrea Den Boer
Women''s Rights as Human Rights--Or as Western Cultural Imperialism?
15.4 Yet Another Problem in the Middle East, The Ecomonist.com
15.5 Female Genital Mutilation on Rise in Britain, MSNBC.com
16. Globalization, Localization, and Politics
16.1 The Globalization Index, A.T. Kearney, Inc., and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
16.2 English as the Language of Global Education, Doreen Carvajal
16.3 Soccer Vs. McWorld, Franklin Foer
Managing the Problems of a Globalized World
16.4 How Globalization Went Bad, Steven Weber, Nazneen Barma, Matthew Kroenig, and Ely Ratner
Paradoxes of Globalization
16.5 Loves Microsoft, Hates America, Adam Davidson

What's New

  • New! Up-to-date readings, editorials, and news items drawn from a distinctive blend of scholarly and journalistic sources keep students informed of the latest international issues and events.
  • New! A chapter entitled, "Immigrants, Refugees, and Diasporas; Population Movements Across Borders," explores issues concerning refugees, migration, and immigration.
  • New! The text now includes coverage of Darfur, as well as expanded coverage of Iraq and the rise of China and India as world powers.
  • New! With 54 new readings--which comprise nearly two-thirds of the text--the authors provide the latest in scholarship and news on global politics.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Richard W. Mansbach

Richard Mansbach is Professor of Political Science at Iowa State University. He has published numerous scholarly texts and articles on international relations theory and practice.

Edward Rhodes

Edward Rhodes teaches world politics at Rutgers, where he is also Director of the Center for Global Security and Democracy. He has published extensively in his field.